Gov. Newsom gets more than he bargained for when asks Californians for input on new state coin design

California Gov. Gavin Newsom was hammered with the truth after soliciting help from Californians concerning the design of a new $1 coin to honor the state’s dubious innovations.

“Calling all members of the Tortured Coin Designers Department… CA is getting its own $1 coin to honor innovation, slated to be issued in 2026 – and we need your help! What is a CA innovation you’d like to see featured on the coin?” Newsom wrote on X.

The responses Newsom got were nothing less than a brutal smack of reality given the current conditions in California under his leadership. He was probably looking for suggestions dealing with Silicon Valley or climate change. What he got were depictions of homelessness, crime, and skyrocketing inflation.

“Newsom and the state legislature have been harshly criticized over his failure to address the state’s $73 billion budget deficit, with some pointing to overspending as the problem. Others say they are frustrated with the governor for things like pointing his attention toward a national pro-abortion campaign instead of issues directly affecting his own state – things like an insurance crisis, affordability crisis, rising crime, wildfire risks, and skyrocketing electric costs,” Fox News reported.

One of the best responses to Newsom’s call for ideas came from Jim Stanley, the press secretary for the State Assembly Republicans, who sent the governor a letter laying it out for him, according to the California Globe.

“Under your bold leadership, California has developed a truly unrivaled method of incinerating money,” he informed Newsom. “While most people would think it impossible to spend $24 billion on homelessness only to see the problem grow rapidly, you have proved the naysayers wrong.”

Then he provided his personal suggestions for the coin on X, stating, “I think these capture things nicely.”

Users on X lined up with helpful suggestions for Newsom including plenty of vulgar ones:


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