Gun Owners of America opposes Sen. Cornyn’s bid to replace McConnell: ‘Wholly unfit to lead’

The Gun Owners of America (GOA) has come out swinging against Sen. John Cornyn, who on Thursday announced his run for Senate GOP  leader.

In a statement to Fox News, the pro-gun rights group accused Cornyn of compromising with Democrats on gun control bills.

“Every time gun control gains steam in Congress, Senator John Cornyn is right there working with Democrats on a ‘compromise.’ That isn’t conservative leadership, it’s capitulation!” GOA federal affairs director Aidan Johnston said.

According to Johnston, the senator’s history of pursuing gun control bills with Democrats makes him “wholly unfit” to succeed outgoing Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“In the eyes of gun owners and all those who treasure our liberties, the traitor from Texas‘ record makes him wholly unfit to lead Republicans in the Senate,” he said.


GOA senior vice president Erich Pratt also had some choice words for Cornyn:

The GOA’s website is full of stories about Cornyn’s treachery.

In 2021, for example, the GOA published a post warning that Cornyn was “quietly making a deal with” Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat, “to pass universal background checks.”

“If John Cornyn, who represents the state of TEXAS, is already considering stabbing gun owners in the back, then you know that we’re truly in a DIRE situation,” the story read.

“But we cannot give up. Our God-given rights hang in the balance. You see, there is one thing that always gets Senators moving: FURY from grassroots voters like YOU,” it continued.

Then after the Uvalde shooting in 2022, GOA penned another post warning that Cornyn was again scheming with “anti-gunners” to “disarm” people.

“Instead of working on actual solutions like repealing the Gun-Free School Zones Act or enabling willing teachers to be armed, Cornyn is focused on ‘feel good’ methods that won’t keep our school safer but will erode our rights,” the post read.

That “scheming” led to the passage of the Safer Communities Act.

“The bill incentivizes states to pass extreme risk protection laws, also called ‘red flag’ laws, that allow members of the public and law enforcement to petition the courts for a civil order to temporarily suspend a person’s access to firearms for fear that person might do violence,” according to Fox News.

Johnston is still incensed over the passage of the bill.

“Sen. Cornyn is responsible for helping pass the so-called Bipartisan Safer Communities Act that, among other things, bribes states to enact ‘red-flag’ gun confiscation laws, creates a national de facto wait period for young adults to buy a gun, and creates a backdoor ATF rule to eliminate the private sale of firearms,” he said.

“These are gross infringements on the Second Amendment. The best thing Senator Cornyn could do for gun rights is join Mitch McConnell in retirement,” he added.

The GOA isn’t alone in its frustrations. The National Association for Gun Rights (NAGR), another pro-gun rights group, is also invested in keeping Cornyn away from Senate leadership.

“Cornyn is the most anti-gun Republican in Congress,” NAGR president Dudley Brown told Fox News. “His sponsorship of ‘Fix NICS’ and proud role in passing the largest gun control bill in decades (Biden’s so-called Bipartisan Safer Communities Act) is repulsive to law-abiding gun owners.”

“When the most anti-gun President in history calls an anti-gun Republican ‘rational’ that should set off alarm bells in every law-abiding gun owner’s head,” he added.

What he said was a reference to what President Joe Biden, a rabid Democrat, told reporters in May of 2022 when asked if he thought Democrats and Republicans could piece together a bipartisan response to the Uvalde shooting.

“I don’t know, but I think there’s a realization on the part of rational Republicans — and I consider Sen. McConnell a rational Republican, and Cornyn is as well,” he replied, according to Politico. “I think there’s a recognition on their part … that we can’t continue like this. We can’t do this.”

Vivek Saxena


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