Haberman says Trump indictment ‘likely’ but blabbermouth jury forewoman could be blessing for his lawyers

New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman told CNN hosts that she had never heard anything like it after Fulton County Grand Jury foreperson Emily Kohrs stated during a media tour that she would be disappointed if former President Trump isn’t indicted over alleged election crimes.

(Video Credit: CNN)

Haberman also said on Wednesday morning’s edition of “CNN This Morning” that she believes Trump will be indicted but pointed out this is a fact-finding grand jury, not a charging grand jury. There’s a big difference. In the end, many believe this will go nowhere but it doesn’t stop desperate leftists from crossing their fingers and fervently praying that somehow, someway the former president will be charged over something.

The CNN analyst also told co-anchors Don Lemon and Poppy Harlow that Kohrs is not helping matters concerning the indictment and may be providing ammo for Trump’s attorneys to claim there is bias on the jury.

A portion of the report that came from Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ grand jury investigation of Trump’s alleged effort to overturn election results in Georgia was released last week. Kohrs is evidently looking for her 15 minutes of fame and decided to go on a media blitz Tuesday. One that most people didn’t even notice or take any stock in.

Haberman slammed Kohrs for making things more difficult for Willis while noting that although charging Trump isn’t automatic, it’s “the likeliest thing” for Willis to do.

Despite being unimpressed with Kohrs, Haberman mirrored her hints that Trump will be indicted. She also mocked Trump’s claim that he will be totally exonerated.

“So will he or won’t he? I mean,” Lemon asked Haberman.

“Maybe, perhaps. I mean, look, she certainly seems like she’s teasing that. You know, stay tuned that something is coming related to him. But she doesn’t go further than that, I assume, because she got some instructions on what she could actually say,” Haberman replied.

“Is it unusual to hear?” Lemon continued.

“I’ve never heard… I’ve covered courts on and off for the last 20 years, more than that, I’ve never heard of a grand jury foreperson speaking this way. Now, this is a fact-finding grand jury. This is not a charging grand jury. But even still, I’ve never seen anything like it,” the leftist author stated.

“If I’m the prosecutor, I’m not sure that I want this media tour taking place, because I’m confident that Donald Trump’s lawyers are going to use this, just based on what I was hearing last night from people, to try to argue that this is prejudicial in terms of what she is saying,” Haberman contended.

Then the CNN hosts jumped on what Trump said on social media concerning the grand jury.

“It was interesting to John’s point about what Trump came out and said on social media and Truth Social thanking this special grand jury, saying total exoneration. I can’t imagine being Fani Willis right now. Like you’ve got your foreperson out there as you’re trying to make this decision,” Harlow commented.

“Didn’t she say, like, did he actually read the documents when he said that?” Lemon wondered.

“Right. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, this was not a total exoneration, frankly, any more than the Mueller report. It was a total exoneration, which he said about that, too,” Haberman claimed.


“But that’s, I think, a separate issue from what the grand jury forewoman is saying. I mean, she’s given this extensive media tour. I saw some quotes that I think she gave to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution where she was asked about that quote where Trump said, ‘This is an exoneration.’ And she started laughing and said, ‘Oh, that’s fantastic. I love that,'” she remarked.

“I don’t see how that’s helpful if you’re a prosecutor, because Fani Willis still has to, that it’s not automatic that charges get filed,” she said. “Now that that seems like that’s the likeliest thing to do. Fani Willis is a very aggressive prosecutor, but this is just, you know, at least in my experience covering courts, not helpful to a district attorney when they are trying to put their case together.”

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