Hailed a hero for saving her kids, Arizona mom stung 75 times after being swarmed by bees

A mother’s love knows no bounds, and this exact scenario played out recently in Arizona when a family came under attack by a swarm of bees.

The Arizona Fire and Medical Authority shared a video on social media that captured a crew rescuing two small children from a vehicle, using foam to calm the agitated swarm. The children were placed in the vehicle by their mother, who is being hailed as a hero for sacrificing herself for the safety of her children. A sacrifice that resulted in her being hospitalized after being stung 75 times.

“A Mother and her two children were swarmed and attacked by bees while doing a family photo shoot in Buckeye Valley,” the video caption stated. “The Mother’s quick thinking saved the children from being stung. She put them in the car and subsequently took the brunt of the stings.”

“She was transported to the hospital with over 75 stings but thankfully has recovered,” the caption continued. “The crews used foam to calm the bees and rescue the children from the car. Listen as the dispatcher from @pfdrdc stays calm throughout the call, even doing her best to reassure the caller’s safety.”

The video included the 911 call placed by the children’s grandmother, who explained to the dispatcher her daughter could not get in the car because of so many bees attacking her.

“Please hurry! Please hurry! My daughter can’t get in the car, she’s getting attacked by bees!” the desperate grandmother said. “My granddaughters are with her. Please send some help!”


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“A swarm of bees came upon them and the quick thinking of the mom, she decided, ‘Hey, I’m gonna get my kids into the car, get them to safety.’ I’m not sure as to why she didn’t put herself in the car afterward. Maybe she was thinking that the bees would follow her in. But she drew that swarm away and took the brunt of those stings,” Ashley Losch, with Arizona Fire and Medical, told Fox 10.

Aaron Lorti,  owner of AZ Bee Kings, told the affiliate that April is known as bee season.

“Around this time of year, they’re pollinating, picking new places, they are swarming,” he explained. “You can get anywhere from 10 to 20 calls a day.”

The Arizona Fire & Medical Authority advised that the best strategy if you are attacked by bees is getting inside to a safe place.

“Run in a straight line, cover your face, and get to shelter. Never get into water and do not fight the bees,” the post said.

The mother, who has not been identified, has reportedly made a full recovery.


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