Haitian PM resigns as barbaric gangs take over, stranded ex-pats make ‘frantic’ calls to escape ‘war zone’

Haiti’s prime minister has resigned and effectively turned over the country to gangs wreaking violence there, giving credence to former President Donald Trump’s “s**thole” nations list.

Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigned Tuesday on Facebook. That happened as the Caribbean country’s capital was overrun by violent gangs, killing as they went and leaving the bodies strewn in the streets.

In his speech, Henry said that his government would dissolve once a transitional council was put in place. That followed a week of “systematic looting and destruction of public buildings and private buildings.”

“It hurts us. And it has revolted us,” Henry said according to NBC News. “Haiti needs peace. Haiti needs stability. Haiti needs sustainable development. Haiti needs to rebuild democratic institutions.”

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His words echo leftists in the United States. It’s unclear exactly when the interim government will take “control.” It appears that the barbaric gangs led by their leader “Barbecue” are the ones in control for the foreseeable future.

“The resignation announcement follows weeks of spiraling violence, including prison breaks and an attack on the country’s main airport. It came the same day as leaders of Caribbean nations held an emergency meeting in Kingston, Jamaica, to discuss the worsening crisis. Notably, Henry did not attend,” NBC News reported.

“A senior administration official said Monday night that the talks, involving Secretary of State Antony Blinken with 40 representatives from Haiti as well as regional heads of state, had lasted seven hours,” the media outlet added.

It is unknown exactly why Blinken inserted himself into the conflict. When the dust settled following the meeting, it was decided that the transitional council would include seven members.

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Mohamed Irfaan Ali, president of Guyana and chairman of the group known as Caricom, confirmed that Henry had resigned during a Monday evening news conference.

“We acknowledge the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, upon the establishment of a transitional presidential council and the naming of an interim prime minister,” he remarked.

He asserted that a transitional government “paves the way for a peaceful transition of power” and includes “the road to free and fair elections,” as well as the continuity of governance and near-term security.

“Henry has been on U.S. soil since last week, forced to land in Puerto Rico after he was unable to land in Haiti due to threats at the airport. Protesters had been seen outside the hotel he’s believed to be staying in as calls for his resignation grew louder,” NBC News wrote.

“Last weekend, Haiti was sent into a state of emergency after gangs banded together and attacked government institutions, the airport, and prisons, setting free thousands of prisoners,” the outlet continued.

“The notorious ‘G9 and Family’ gang leader, Jimmy Cherizier — known as ‘Barbecue’ — threatened more violence if Henry, prime minister since 2021, did not step down,” NBC News said.

At a meeting in Jamaica on Monday, Blinken stated that the U.S. and Caricom, a regional trade bloc, “support a clear political transition plan, led by trusted representatives of Haitian society.”

“Haitians cannot wait any longer for a path to security, stability, and democracy,” Blinken said on X.

“Philippe Branchat, the United Nations International Organization for Migration head in Haiti, has said that the capital of Port-au-Prince is ‘under siege’ and surrounded by armed groups,” NBC News further reported.

Eighty percent of Port-au-Prince has been taken over by gangs, according to the nonprofit Assessment Capacities Project.

In 2021, Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moïse, was assassinated in an attack at his home in Port-au-Prince. He had previously been accused of corruption and overstaying his term under the constitution.

His widow, Martine Moïse, ex-prime minister Claude Joseph, and the former chief of Haiti’s National Police, Léon Charles, among others, were indicted for his murder.

Charles was officially charged with murder, attempted murder, possession and illegal carrying of weapons, conspiracy against the internal security of the state, and criminal association. The widow and Joseph were both accused of being complicit in the murder and of criminal association.

The country is on the verge of a civil war and Americans have been warned by the State Department to stay away. A “do not travel” advisory has been issued for the country, citing kidnapping, crime, and civil unrest as obvious reasons not to travel there.

“Six Catholic nuns and others were kidnapped in Haiti in January. In August, American nurse Alix Dorsainvil and her child were kidnapped and held captive for nearly two weeks before they were released,” NBC News stated.

“In 2021, five priests and two nuns were kidnapped from a suburb of Port-au-Prince, and they were held for nearly three weeks before their release was announced,” the outlet concluded.

There are over 50 Americans and Canadians stranded in Haiti awaiting a missionary flight out of there before they get slaughtered, according to the Daily Mail.

U.S. Embassy staff were evacuated but other Americans were stuck there and left behind.

“Florida-based Missionary Flights International said it has received dozens of frantic calls from ex-pats trying to escape the violence,” the Daily Mail reported.

“At this point, the airports are closed and we are not able to do anything yet. We are just waiting to see when things settle down, you know it could be next week but who knows really,” Missionary Flights’ President Joe Karabensh commented.

“It is not so bad in some of the rural places yet but the country going the way it is, the capital is like a war zone. It is going to have implications on food supply and things like that so they have made the decision they just want to get out,” he contended.

Author and columnist Mitch Albom is now stuck in Haiti after traveling there to visit an orphanage. He had plenty to say about the Biden administration and none of it was good.

“The United States called him and said we want you to step down which is crazy because if he steps down there’s nobody to step in, so the Biden administration is making it up as it goes along in my opinion,” Albom said referring to Haiti’s prime minister.

“First they resisted all calls for him to step down, now they are telling him he has to step down. There is nobody behind him. There is no transitional government you could have gangs take over the whole country. Meanwhile, we are all stuck here, there’s no airplanes, there’s no helicopters, there’s no anything. Everyone including our orphanage and other people are quite frightened,” he bluntly said.

This has the earmarks of the Biden administration sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong at best or conducting a Color Revolution at worst.


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