Hannity calls for GOP to embrace mail-in voting; ‘They need to accept the rules as they are, not as they want them to be’

The loss of Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker in Georgia’s runoff election closed out the dismal midterm elections when the expected “red wave” that would sweep Democrats out of political power in Congress failed to come to fruition, leaving conservatives searching for answers for what went wrong.

While many have blamed the failure to deliver on former President Donald J. Trump and others on the poor quality of candidates like Walker and Dr. Mehmet Oz, the realization is beginning to sink in that Democrats have benefitted by gaming the system with a vastly superior operation that relies on mail-in voting and ballot harvesting to build nearly insurmountable pre-election leads and the GOP needs to adapt or face continued losses.

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One voice who is calling for a new strategy from Republicans is Fox News host Sean Hannity who on Wednesday’s edition of “Hannity” sought to bolster the spirits of viewers by emphasizing the positive aspects of the disappointing election cycle in that the GOP did manage to win back the House and can now exercise badly needed oversight on the Biden regime and its abuses before he laid out the reality that the game is currently played under Democrat rules.

Using the analogy of a football coach making halftime adjustments, he said, “It’s time now for Republicans to start paying a little bit of attention and embracing the voting system that we have and not the one that they wish that they had. They need to accept the rules as they are, not as they want them to be.”

“And then after they win governorships, after they win state legislatures, then they can change laws over time, add all the integrity measures for elections that they want, and put it in the process of our elections,” Hannity continued. “But that means they need to play what is the early voting game, the ballot harvesting game. They need to do it well, if not better than the Democrats, all legally, of course.”

“They can’t start out every Election Day down hundreds of thousands of votes,” he said. “It was estimated yesterday when voting started in Georgia, that Herschel Walker – because of early voting, mail-in voting in Georgia – that he went into yesterday’s election down 200,000 to 250,000 votes. That’s insane. There is a reluctance and resistance of Republicans to vote by mail or to vote early.”

“This is the system,” he added. “This is the current reality. Do I think it’s the best system? No, I think it’s bad. Now, Democrats have embraced the system. Republicans have not – to their own detriment. They have ignored this reality.”

“In a Hannity-perfect world, if I laid out what would have the most integrity and everybody would have confidence in the resulting elections, when Republicans win gubernatorial races and state legislatures, I’d make Election Day a national holiday,” Hannity said. “I’d have paper ballots only. I would have partisan observers, people from every party – they would watch the voting in every precinct and the vote-counting after the polls close, up close and personal.”

“Every state should require signature verification, voter id, chain of custody controls, updated voter rolls,” he added. “But like I said, right now we need to work within the system as it exists because Democrats they’re playing a very different game on Election Day and the days leading up to Election Day than Republicans are.”

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Chris Donaldson


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