Hannity confronts Doocy over Trump: ‘What’s happened to you, Steve? Are you moving to the left?’

Sean Hannity suggested that his Fox News colleague Steve Doocy could be shifting to the left after the host questioned GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump over Democrats voting in the New Hampshire primary.

Hannity joined the crew on Monday’s edition of “Fox & Friends” where he jabbed Doocy over his remarks on Democrats crossing over to vote against Trump with the host having already drawn the ire of the former president.

Hannity predicted a big win for Trump based on the crowds at his events along with polls showing that he’s heading for a big win against his last remaining rival, establishment-backed Nikki Haley.

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Hannity pushed back after Doocy said that the polls were “all over the place” by pointing out that one outlier doesn’t fit the narrative of Haley being the Trump slayer that the media has built her up to be.

Doocy then suggested that a large turnout among the Granite State’s independents could be beneficial to Haley when voters go to the polls on Tuesday.

“There are 300,000 Democrats, 300,000 Republicans, 400,000 independents. If they all show up, they’re going to make a big difference,” he said.

“It definitely is a possibility I don’t happen to like – I love the people in New Hampshire, I love the state of New Hampshire – I don’t like their system,” Hannity responded. “What they call open primary, where people, you know, they were switching in the last number of weeks from Democrat to independent so they can wreak havoc inside the Republican party.”

“October 6th,” Doocy interjected, referring to the official cutoff date for party switchers.

“Their thinking is okay if we help one candidate in this case, it would be Nikki Haley…get over the hump then. Okay, that’s more money that whoever the inevitable Republican candidate is, it seems like Trump by a long shot. I think if Trump wins this tomorrow by the margins, we’re seeing, it is over,” Hannity continued.

“I think a question for Nikki Haley, who I think ran a great campaign. Ron DeSantis ran a great campaign all the, you know, all the Monday morning quarterbacks don’t mean a thing to me. He went to all 99 counties, Ron did in Iowa,” he said, referring to the Florida governor’s extensive campaigning in the Hawkeye State.

“Ultimate retail politician,” Doocy said.

“And he went out, he asked people for a vote, in any other year – what did he have, 21, 22 percent? That would be a great showing in Iowa, but this I keep saying about Donald Trump that he defies all conventional political gravity,” Hannity said.

“That’s an understatement,” Doocy agreed.

“Well, to you it is,” Hannity shot back. “What’s happened to you, Steve? Are you moving to the left of me? What are you doing?”

“I am screen left right now,” Doocy responded, drawing a chuckle from Hannity who added, “That’s true.”

Trump blasted the “RINO” Doocy after the suggestion that he was misleading people with his claim about Democrats crossing over to vote for Haley in New Hampshire.

“Unwatchable RINO Steve Doocy of Fox & Friends, which is suffering mightily from a lack of interest and Ratings Decline, with Steve being the principal factor, has just blurted out that I was wrong on the fact that Democrats can vote in the New Hampshire Republican Primary. He was so anxious to go against me, that he fell into the proverbial “Trump” trap, just like all others do,” Trump said on Truth Social on Friday.

(Screenshot: Truth Social)

“In actuality, Democrats can vote, they had to register by October 6, but they can come in as Independents, and then can be Democrats, and nobody’s going to know, so already we have 3,542 Democrats changed to Undeclared, 408 to Republican (all of whom will be voting), and others will come in as Liberals or Independents,” he added. “Their rationale is that they are desperate to stop ‘Trump,’ because they don’t want to run against me, they want to run against Nikki or Ron or anyone else. If an Independent is a Democrat, they can vote. That’s what they want to do, fill up the Roster with Democrats!”

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