Harris brushes off concerns prosecuting Trump would be ‘too divisive’, implies it would be ‘justice’

In case you were wondering if the current administration would be so bold as to back the criminal prosecution of former President Donald Trump, Vice President Kamala Harris has gone on the record saying such an “unthinkable” event isn’t too divisive for the Department of Justice to pursue, claiming “people are going to demand justice.”

Like rabid dogs, Democrats have been throwing every accusation they could dream up at Trump since the moment he came down the escalator and joined the 2016 presidential race for the White House. The attacks have only escalated since the events of January 6 and the ascension of Joe Biden to the Oval Office.

Currently, Trump is fighting multiple investigations, from claims that he stole nuclear codes, hid them at Mar-a-Lago, and violated the Espionage Act to allegations that he interfered with the 2020 elections. While to date, nothing the left has thrown has resulted in criminal charges, after former Trump advisor Steve Bannon was perp-walked for the media this week, many are wondering if the Dems would actually do the same to a former President.

In an exclusive “Meet the Press” interview with Harris that will air on NBC this Sunday, even host Chuck Todd had to ask the vice president, “How much should President — former President Trump’s status as a former president and a potential 2024 candidate, how much should that factor into the decision to charge him?”

Harris answered with a non-answer that still managed to make her personal feelings perfectly clear.

“Well, I wouldn’t dare tell the Department of Justice what to do,” she replied. “As a former prosecutor, I will tell you… I am not in the business of telling a prosecutor what to do with their case because they know best the facts and the evidence as applied to the law. And so I’m not going to tell them what to do.”

“And certainly the president and I and our administration, unlike the previous administration, have been very, very careful to make sure that there is no question about any kind of interference in terms of the decisions that the Department of Justice makes in that regard,” she added.

Todd pressed the VP, asking if prosecuting Trump would be seen as “too divisive.”

“Let me try to go to 60,000 feet,” he countered. “What do you say to the argument that it would be too divisive for the country to prosecute a former president?”

“I think that our country is a country that has gone through different periods of time where the unthinkable has happened, and where there has been a call for justice, and justice has been served,” Harris responded. “And I think that’s potentially going to always be the case in our country that people are going to demand justice, and they rightly do.”

Would those be the people who have been labeled white supremacists and threats to the soul of the nation by the president? Or the people who ended up victims of those rioters Harris bailed out of jail?

Todd didn’t ask, and Harris certainly didn’t tell.

Melissa Fine


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