Here’s how much crime-ridden DC shelled out in taxpayer cash to repaint BLM on city street

The same week we learned carjackings in Washington, D.C., topped 900 for the year, nearly double the number in 2022, investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson shared a report that the city spent $270,000 of taxpayer money to promote the Black Lives Matter movement.

Citing a Judicial Watch report, Attkisson said taxpayers “were forced to shell out more than $270,000 to repaint the phrase ‘Black Lives Matter’ on a street near the White House in the nation’s capital.” Near a Trump-occupied White House — the phrase was originally painted on the street in June 2020, as rioting over the death of drug addict George Floyd rocked the nation.

She also shared a quote from Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton: “DC crime is out of control but local leaders continue to waste $270,000 in tax money promoting the extremist Black Lives Matter movement in the heart of Washington DC that is racist, anti-police, anti-American, and often violent.”

And that’s not all. The movement has also proven to be a sham. Little more than a shakedown of cooperate America that enriched at least one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors, a self-described “trained Marxist” who spent millions on high-end real estate buys.

The timing of the repainting was highlighted, with Attkisson noting that it came “shortly before Black Lives Matter groups began defending the Hamas terrorist attack on the Jewish people in Israel.

Judicial Watch said the project was titled “Black Lives Matter Plaza Redo,” and that it “required a foreman, operator, laborer, carpenter, and mason. Equipment included a backhoe/loader, portable air compressor, Bobcat, dump truck, pick-up truck, and service truck.”

As one social media user noted, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser was reelected in 2022 with 74% of the vote, so residents appear to be happy with the current state of affairs — only 5% of voters are registered Republicans.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from X:

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