Hillary Clinton dusts off freshman psychology lesson to say she knows what Trump is thinking

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton dusted off some freshman psychology lessons to assert insight into the mind of her 2016 rival and recent claims.

“I don’t believe him on anything. Why would I start believing him on that?”

(Video: MSNBC)

In a preview of a sit-down interview with former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, Clinton exuded the smug intellectual prowess of Vizzini from “The Princess Bride” that proved to be his own downfall as she attempted to analyze a remark from former President Donald Trump.

During the upcoming installment of MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki,” the eponymous host turned to statements made by the president about self-pardoning during his “Meet the Press” interview.

“He recently said that he is very unlikely — it would be very unlikely that he would attempt to pardon himself. Do you believe him?” wondered Psaki.

Do any potential sincerity, the secretary replied, “I don’t believe him on anything. Why would I start believing him on that?”

“You know, the thing about him, and I’m not the only person who’s noticed this, is he engages in what psychologists call projection,” she continued, providing a vague example. “So whenever he accuses somebody of doing something, it’s almost guaranteed he’s doing it himself, or he’s already done it. Or whenever he denies thinking about doing something — or doing it — it’s almost guaranteed he is thinking about it, or he’s already done it.”

Trump’s answer on the potential of a self-pardon pertaining to his current legal battles, if he won re-election, was not so cut-and-dry as the MSNBC host suggested as the president danced between past and present while responding to NBC News’ Kristen Welker.

“I could’ve pardoned myself. Do you know what? I was given an option to pardon myself. I could’ve pardoned myself when I left,” he expressed after noting he does not think about going to jail. “People said, ‘Would you like to pardon yourself?’ I had a couple of attorneys that said, ‘You can do it if you want.’ I had some people that said, ‘It would look bad, if you do.’ Because I think it would look terrible. I said here’s the story. These people are thugs, horrible people, fascists, Marxists, sick people. They’ve been after me from the day I came down the escalator with Melania. And I did a great job as president.”

The once commander-in-chief went on to recount saying “The last thing I’d ever do is give myself a pardon,” before adding, “The last day, I could’ve had a pardon done that would’ve saved me all of these lawyers, and all of these fake charges, these Biden indictments.”

While Trump’s comments remained up for debate, social media users couldn’t help but turn Clinton’s psychoanalysis back on “the Mother of all Liars.”

Kevin Haggerty


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