‘Holy hell!’ Dem stunt to foist off Gen Z cross-country skier as climate ‘expert’ goes downhill fast

In another one of the theatrical stunts that have become their stock and trade, Democrats tried to pass off a Generation Z cross-country skier as an “expert” climate change witness and it did not go well.

During a Senate Budget Committee hearing this week to consider the topic of the effects of the alleged weather crisis on sports and recreation, the left-wing global warming ideologues introduced 23-year-old Olympic skier Gus Schumacher to testify only to watch him walk right into the teeth of human buzzsaw Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) who humiliated the young man.

“The impacts of climate change on outdoor recreation, particularly Nordic skiing, are undeniable and demand urgent action,” said Schumacher in a statement that was likely written for him. “As stewards of our planet and custodians of our outdoor heritage, we have a moral imperative to confront the challenges of climate change head-on and preserve the natural wonders that enrich our lives.”

It would then go downhill in a big hurry after the senator asked a few basic questions including: What is carbon dioxide? How much will it cost to go carbon-neutral? What, exactly, is it you want us to do?

“Democrats want to spend $50 TRILLION to become carbon neutral & held a hearing to tell us why,” Kennedy wrote on X. “Dem witness: Carbon dioxide is ‘a huge part of our atmosphere.’ Me: ‘It’s actually a very small part of our atmosphere.’ (0.035%) Dem witness: ‘Well, okay. But, yeah. I don’t know.'”

X users reacted to the brutal humiliation meted out to the overmatched skier by the folksy Louisianan.

The witness’s credibility was further destroyed when Kennedy produced a selection of ideological tweets from his social media history, including one that claimed “The ‘war on drugs’ was intentionally created to incarcerate black people en masse,” sounding more like a member of “The Squad” than a climate expert.

Chris Donaldson


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