Randi Weingarten dressed down live on CNN for ‘scaring people to death’ after claiming she wanted to reopen schools

Randi Weingarten, the powerful union boss who heads up the American Federation of Teachers, has been on a revisionist campaign this week trying to convince the country that she was not a stringent lockdown advocate for public schools.

Her effort to rewrite history ran into a buzzsaw on Thursday when Weingarten faced off with CNN senior political commentator Scott Jennings, as he admonished the left-wing union chief for claiming that she wanted to reopen schools.

“Speaking on behalf of millions of American parents — I have four at home — I had to teach them at home, my wife had to teach them at home,” Jennings said. “I am stunned at what you have said this week about your claiming to have wanted to reopen schools.”

To be clear, Jennings looked Weingarten square in the eyes as he dressed her down and conservative commentator Clay Travis was impressed, “Holy sh*t… This is phenomenal. Well done.”

“I think you’ll find that most parents believe you are the tip of the spear of school closures,” he said. “There are numerous statements you made over the summer of ’20 scaring people to death about the possibility of opening schools. And I hear no remorse whatsoever about the generational damage that’s been done to these kids.”

Jennings explained that two of his children have learning disabilities and were negatively impacted by Weingarten’s policies.

“I have two kids with learning differences,” he said. “Do you know how hard it is for them to learn at home and not in a classroom that was designed for them? And for you to sit in front of Congress and the American people and say, oh, ‘I wanted to open up them the whole time.'”

“I am shocked. I’m stunned. I’m stunned,” Jennings continued. “And there are millions of parents who feel the exact same way.”

Weingarten responded with the same double talk heard throughout the pandemic about wanting to reopen schools BUT making sure they were safe first — all the while fighting to establish that schools were not safe.

“I knew and understood the importance of reopening schools and the importance of making sure that people were safe,” she countered. “And poll after poll that we did of parents — and I spent a lot of time with parents — said that they basically understood and supported that we needed to do both.”

Weingarten tried to peddle the falsehood that she “fought to reopen school” Thursday on Twitter and got fact-checked by Community Notes

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on Twitter:

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