‘How can he be trusted with nuclear codes’: Doocy asks the obvious and sends KJP into spin mode

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was criticized for spinning a web of lies like a spider Friday when confronted about President Joe Biden’s declining mental status.

During a White House press briefing that afternoon, Fox News’ Peter Doocy sought to get some answers regarding special counsel Robert K. Hur’s devastating conclusion that the president is effectively too senile to be prosecuted.

“If the special counsel says President Biden’s got significant limitations on his memory, then who is helping him run the country?” his line of questioning began.


“The president of the United States runs the country. The commander-in-chief runs the country,” the press secretary replied to a disbelieving Doocy.

“How can he be trusted with nuclear codes if — I get that you’re saying that nobody in the building would say that he’s got an issue with his memory. But just the little part of what we get to see, he’s made mistake after mistake after mistake on camera this week,” Doocy countered, prompting Jean-Pierre to double down on her spinning.

“So, I wanna be very clear. The reality is that report, that part of the report does not live in reality. It just doesn’t,” she said, attacking the special counsel’s conclusions.

“So the special counsel is lying about the president’s memory?” Doocy then asked.

“It was gratuitous,” the press secretary replied, doubling down on her attack. “It is unacceptable and it does not live in reality. That is just the facts. And look, it is a closed case. That is what the special counsel said.”

From here she continued by touting the president’s supposed record.

“And what matters is, here, is that the president in the last three years has delivered on the economy, has delivered on healthcare, has turned this country around after the last president left us with an economy that was in a tailspin,” she claimed.

“That’s what we were dealing with. That’s what we were dealing with. If you think about the world leaders, world leaders and issues that have been going on in this country for the past two, three years, not in [just] this country, in the world. You think about Ukraine. The president was able to bring together NATO, NATO allies. They have been the strongest they’ve ever been and make sure that we are providing what Ukraine, the great people of Ukraine need as they’re fighting aggression, Putin’s aggression,” she continued.

“And that is what this president has been able to do. His experience as former senator, as former vice president, and now president has gotten us to a place where we’ve been able to turn things around in a way that we meet the needs of the American people, whether it’s domestic issues or national security issues. And that is what matters. That part of the report does not live in reality,” she concluded.

The press secretary’s spin did not impress members of the public, many of whom were quick to blast her for distorting “reality” to prop up the clearly ailing president.


It’s not just the press secretary who’s been spinning the truth to defend dear leader. So has White House adviser Ian Sams.

After the president delivered a catastrophically bad press conference late Thursday about the special counsel’s conclusion, Sams defended his performance, saying the president had spoken “powerfully.”


Vivek Saxena


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