How will Dems remove Biden? ‘We’ve definitely entered 25th Amendment territory’

An effort to replace President Joe Biden on the presidential ticket has emerged in the wake of his horrific Thursday night debate performance.

But the question is HOW– how exactly can the Democrat Party swap Biden out this late in the game, with the election only months away?

It doesn’t help that he already has nearly 4,000 pledged delegates. FYI,  he needed only 1,976 delegates to become the presidential nominee.

However, if he suddenly dropped out of the race, the delegates would reportedly become “uncommitted,” thus opening the door to a replacement candidate.

“The way it happens is Joe Biden releases his delegates ahead of the convention,” MSNBC host Nicole Wallace admitted late Thursday, adding that this process would be completely legal.

But this seems unlikely to happen given Biden’s stubborn insistence that only he has the chops to take on Trump, Wallace cautioned.

“I think when people say it won’t happen is because they think Joe Biden would never do it [because] he’s the only person who beat Trump, and he believes, and he has some reason to believe this, that he’s the only one who can [beat him again],” she said.


(Video Credit: MSNBC)

The good news is other options do exist — like perhaps using the 25th Amendment to force Biden out of office.

“If you think Democrats in Washington and across the country aren’t talking about the 25th Amendment right now, you’re crazy,” Sen. Rick Scott tweeted after the debate.

“It’s not a question of whether he should be on the ballot. That ship has sailed. It’s a question of whether he can serve as president right now,” the Florida senator added.


Ratified in 1967, the 25th Amendment establishes a process by which the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet can alert the House Speaker and Senate president pro tempore that the president is no longer capable of completing his job.

The problem is Vice President Kamala Harris and the current Cabinet are extremely unlikely to invoke the 25th against Biden. As proof, just consider what she told MSNBC host Rachel Maddow when asked late Thursday about the president’s abysmal debate performance.

“Well, it was a slow start, there’s no question about that, but I thought it was a strong finish,” she ludicrously claimed in defiance of not only all the facts but also throngs of critics on the left and right.

“What we know is that when you look at the two sides of the ledger, what we had in Joe Biden is someone who wanted to have a debate based on facts, based on truth, and in Donald Trump, we have what we have come to expect, which is someone who will push lies and distract from the reality of the damage he has created and continues to create in our country,” she added.


(Video Credit: MSNBC)

Her assessment was outright delusional and stood in stark contrast to what everybody else was saying, which was that Biden had dropped the ball and performed horrifically during the Thursday debate.

Even MSNBC host Joy Reid, an avid Biden sycophant, was left completely deflated by his performance. In one clip, for instance, Reid spoke about speaking to a number of high-profile figures on the left who were all left shocked by Biden’s performance.

“The universal reaction was somewhere approaching panic,” she said. “The people who were texting with me were very concerned about President Biden seeming extremely feeble, seeming extremely weak.”

She continued by describing how the president had failed to achieve his “one job tonight.”

“President Biden had one job tonight, and one primary job, and yes, it was to litigate President Trump’s criminality and all of those things, but he had to settle his own party,” she said. “He needed to settle Democrats. Democrats, you know, they always talk about how Democrats are bedwetters and Democrats are always panicking.”

“Yes, Democrats are always panicking, they’re always scared, they’re always thinking they’re gonna lose. Democrats are very pessimistic. This is just who they are. They’re neurotic. But, Joe Biden’s job was to reassure them tonight. His job was to calm his party to make them feel that yes, I can do this, I have four more years in me, I have the ability and the stamina, and the strength to do four more years. He did not do that. He did the opposite of that.”


Vivek Saxena


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