‘Humiliated’ DJ scolded by Delta for being brazenly braless, cries victim and enlists celeb lawyer

A DJ named Lisa Archbold says she was “targeted and humiliated” on Delta after a flight attendant told her to cover up because she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Archbold claims to have been threatened with being booted from the flight traveling from Salt Lake City to San Francisco on Jan. 22 because she was braless and a gate agent noticed, temporarily escorting her off the plane in a “super weird” interaction. She was advised to cover up. The DJ was wearing baggy jeans and a loose white t-shirt that made it evident she wasn’t wearing a bra.

This is a 38-year-old Trump-hating woman who makes a habit of prancing around with very little on, so the humiliation claim leaves something to be desired here. However, she was savvy enough to retain high-profile attorney Gloria Allred in the matter.

“I was targeted and humiliated,” Archbold declared during a news conference in Los Angeles with Allred by her side, NBC LA reported. “It felt like a scarlet letter was being attached to me. I felt it was a spectacle aimed at punishing me for not being a woman in the way she thought I should be a woman as she scolded me outside of the plane.”

(Video Credit: NBC LA)

She asserted that the agent informed her that her attire was “revealing” and “offensive” and it violated the airline’s policy. She was allowed to reboard the flight on the condition she put on a second shirt or jacket over the top of the t-shirt she was currently wearing.

Archbold, whose stage name is Djette Kiwi, is a self-employed DJ who was on her way to the Sundance Film Festival, according to the New York Post. She is a New Zealand expat.

After the alleged “scolding,” she went to the head flight attendant and complained. She was informed that Delta’s official policy is that “women must cover-up.”

Allred immediately fired off a letter to Delta on the DJ’s behalf demanding that the airline president meet up with her client to discuss the policy, according to the AFP.

“Male passengers are not required to cover up their T-shirts with a shirt or a jacket,” Allred claimed. “They also do not have to wear a bra to board or remain on a plane and women should not have to wear one either.”

“Last I checked, the Taliban are not in charge of Delta,” the bombastic attorney asserted. “Neither her breasts nor any other woman’s breasts have ever tried to take over a plane. Breasts are not weapons of war, and it’s not a crime for a woman or girl to have them.”

However, there are rules that allow the airline to make such a request.

“According to Delta’s rules, the carrier may refuse to transport ‘when the passenger’s conduct, attire, hygiene or odor creates an unreasonable risk of offense or annoyance to other passengers,'” the New York Post reported.

“Allred said there are no plans for a lawsuit and that all Archbold wants is a meeting with Delta’s boss to get assurances that the policies will be updated,” the media outlet added.

“Earlier this year, Delta representatives contacted this customer with an apology,” a Delta representative told the AFP.

Archbold told Business Insider, “My goal is a change in policy. Delta runs a heavy PR line of inclusivity. Let’s see them put their policy where their PR is.”


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