Hunter Biden accused of owning 10 percent of company helping to facilitate migrants into U.S.

Hunter Biden has been accused of owning 10 percent of a company that’s been facilitating illegal migration across the southern U.S. border.

The accusation was made by former Trump administration official Mike Benz, who now serves as the director of the Foundation for Freedom Online.

“Hunter Biden actually owns 10 percent of a company called ePlata, which is a microfinancing loan company for illegal immigrants coming up through the southern border,” he said in a recent viral video.

“At the same time, the Biden Administration Justice Department put out a notice telling the banks that they would, that the Justice Department would take legal action against any bank who refused loans to illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, the first son is, has an equity investment in a company that profits off those very loans,” he added.

Is any of this true?

Well, records from the House Oversight Committee show that Biden definitely owns a stake in ePlata:

(Source: House Oversight Committee)

Moreover, Benz isn’t the first one to accuse ePlata of orchestrating illegal migration.

In a Twitter post published last October, Natalie Winters of Steve Bannon’s “War Room” accused ePlata of having “partnered with the Mexican government to enable migrants to send and receive remittances.”

“The fintech startup describes itself as a ‘multi-balance, multi-currency digital wallet and payment ecosystem’ and was founded by one of Hunter Biden’s long-time business partners Jeff Cooper,” she tweeted.

“Documents unearthed from Hunter Biden’s hard drive also reveal that the president’s son held an 8.25 percent stake in ePlata through his company Owasco LLC, though it is unclear if he still retains the position,” she added.

So notice a few differences. Whereas Benz said Biden owns 10 percent of ePlata, Winters said he at one point owned 8.25 percent of it, though it’s unclear if he still retains any shares.

What’s known, according to Winters, is that Biden WAS at one time profiting from the company. Indeed, in April of 2015, he received a $20,000 wire transfer from them.

What’s also known is that several individuals linked to Biden have been appointed to the company’s Global Advisory Board.

Continuing her tweet, Winters noted that ePlata “appears to have a financial interest in supporting mass migration to the U.S.” given that it makes its money from migrants, criminal aliens, asylum seekers, and even legal immigrants sending remittances back home.

According to Winters, one email from Biden’s infamous laptop said the company is “focused on providing cross-border remittances.”

“Remittances represent a key financial aspect of mass migration – both legal and illegal – as it refers to migrants sending funds from their current country of residence back to their home country,” Winters noted in her tweet. “The payments constitute a massive industry worth over $150 billion annually in the U.S. alone and harm America’s economy, as the sizable sum leaves the country untaxed.”

But the fact that ePlata has super loose identification requirements has Winters convinced the company is mainly catering to criminal aliens.

“You can … create an ePlata account by simply entering your name, address, email address, and mobile number. That’s it, no hassle, no pain, no cost. With ePlata, setting your money free is as easy as one, two, three,” a summary of the company’s remittance program reads.

The company is also linked directly to the Mexican government.

“The company’s emphasis on remittances comes amidst its 2019 partnership with the Mexican government whereby the Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer, which falls under the auspices of the Mexican Attorney General, selected ePlata as one of two fintech companies it endorsed for citizens to send and receive remittances,” according to Winters.

“The head of Mexico’s Consumer Protection Agency also highlighted ePlata as one of the country’s leading platforms for sending and receiving remittances during a presidential press briefing,” Winters noted.

More notable is the fact that ePlata founder Jeff Cooper has a long history of working with Biden, including on some of the infamous business deals that Republicans believe implicate Biden’s father, President Joe Biden.

“While pursuing deals with Mexican billionaires during Joe Biden’s tenure as Vice President, Cooper, and Hunter Biden exploited the privileges of the office – including White House Events, trips on Air Force Two, and meetings with Joe Biden – to lure clients,” Winters noted.

“Cooper, who has appeared in photos with Hunter, Joe, and various Mexican billionaires, even joined Hunter on a February 2016 Air Force Two flight to Mexico,” she added.

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