Hunter is ‘taking it for the team,’ says Gutfeld: ‘The goal is to keep the heat off Joe’

Fox News co-host Greg Gutfeld took a step back to view the “big picture” of the Hunter Biden case on Monday.

Ultimately Hunter was chosen to “take the fall” to protect his father, President Joe Biden, Gutfeld theorized, saying that is “what you do in crime families.”


(Video Credit: Fox News)

“Well, you know, I may be a little person, but I’m a big-picture guy,” Gutfeld cracked. “And the big picture here is Hunter is taking it for the team. This is his punishment, his amends for his misdeeds.”

“The goal is to keep the heat off Joe, the influence peddling, the kickbacks to the big guy. It’s a small sacrifice for Hunter to take the fall, which is what you do in crime families where the misdeeds are far bigger and more lucrative. So what he’s doing is he’s deflecting it onto him.” the comedian said.

“And Richard is right. So it’s not Joe, it’s Hunter. And that’s the point, to keep off Joe. But like the judge said, the case is crack rock solid, but I got to say, I’m starting to really kind of like Hunter. He makes me feel really good about myself,” Gutfeld snarked.

“Now I had some wild lights in my time, but I am no Hunter coming in oh, maybe I might have peed and my brother-in-law’s shoes on his wedding night, but I didn’t bang my brother’s wife and get her hooked on crack,” he pointed out. “He puts everybody’s shame in perspective. When you go to the gym and are overweight, you feel better when someone else is there who is fatter than you are, that’s why I train at [Brian] Stelter’s gym.

Circling back to the Hunter Biden case and specifically the “laptop from hell,” Gutfelt reamed Clapper for not apologizing for his massive mistake.

“I want to get to the Clapper thing, he said he had no regrets about falsely labeling the laptop as Russian disinfo, and we know that it’s authentic, it’s real, it’s obvious. He has no regrets because he does not see it as a mistake. It’s not ‘whoops, I thought it was fake and I’m wrong,’ he meant to do this,” the co-host accused. “He created a false narrative because he was fighting the threat called Donald Trump, which everybody was saying at the time and still saying, ‘he is worse than Hitler.’ So any attempt to stop him is, illegal or immoral as it is, does not matter, history will look back as a hero for trying to stop Hitler.”

Sierra Marlee


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