‘I love you Joe Biden’: Illegal immigrant thanks POTUS after invading US

At this stage it’s abundantly clear that the southern border is broken, little more than a sieve allowing millions of foreign nationals to invade the United States at will as Mexican drug cartel-linked human traffickers give America the middle finger — literally — while making a fortune.

As President Biden’s third year in office comes to a close, more than 8 million illegal immigrants have crossed into the country under his presidency. The human invasion is worse today than at any point in American history, with the entire world flooding our borders. In addition to Central and South America, they come from China, Africa, and the Middle East, including Islamic terrorists.

The scene playing out daily on the southern border is pure insanity and the greatest mystery may be why the American people are not revolting in the streets as they are slowly being wedged out of their own country by a political party seeking to artificially alter voting demographics.

One thing is certain, the illegal immigrants know who to thank for their good fortune:

“I love you Joe Biden, thank you for everything, Joe Biden!” an African male told Fox News in Lukeville, Arizona. “I’m a good person, I want to be good person here in the United States.”

Another military-age male from African said, “I came here because I want [a] quality life. America is a land of opportunity.”

Fox News reported that both men said they are not seeking asylum — the liberal media often refers to illegal immigrants as “asylum seekers,” which highlights the exploitation of our broken immigration laws.

FBI Director Christopher Wray testified Tuesday the terror threat level is at an unprecedented high following the attack on Israel by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, saying he sees “blinking red lights everywhere.”

On that note, former CIA analyst Sarah Adams, who now works for the Defense Department, confirmed in a recent appearance on the Shawn Ryan Show podcast that terrorists are already entering the U.S. through the open southern border.

When asked by Ryan, a former Navy SEAL who also worked as a CIA contractor, if terrorists will start coming up through the southern border, Adams replied, “Oh, they’ve already started.”

Pressed on how she knows this, Adams said: “I know that because I was told several different times about group pockets of terrorists, so like six [to] eight — there was one larger one, maybe 25 to 50. I think it was 50 — that procured passports from the Afghan government with the sole purpose of coming to our southern border. One was ISIS, it was only a group of eight.”

While the cartels laugh at us — see the end of the video below — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vowed in a tweet that it will come to an end if the American people elect him to be the next U.S. president:

As for the aforementioned middle finger:

And behold the insanity:

Tom Tillison


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