‘I think it’s great!’ British woman reveals ‘weird’ American practice that blew her mind

A recently relocated British woman revealed one of the “weird” things she has tried to get used to as she adjusts to the culture shock of moving to America.

Moving from the UK to Florida in 2023, Amber Peacock has recorded her adventure as her family acclimates to living in the Sunshine State. And in a recent TikTok video posted on her @AmberinAmerica account, the 29-year-old shared one practice in the States that “blew my mind.”

“We have been living in America for a few months now, but this is something that we have only just figured out that blew my mind,” she said in the video that has racked up thousands of views and comments.


@_amberinamerica I actually think this is great! Is it a thing everywhere in the US? #cultureshock #britinamerica #movingtoamerica #deliverydrivers #ukvsus #britishgirlinamerica #culturaldifferences #relocationvlog ♬ original sound – Amber in America

She went on to describe a situation when a “drunk” man was at their door asking for a phone charger. She explained that her husband opened the door after a knock thinking that a package was being delivered.

Though the incident scared the couple, nothing else came of it as Peacock then recounted how she told some friends about what had happened.

“Our friend said, ‘Why are you opening the door?’ and we said, ‘Well, somebody knocked. We just thought it was a delivery,'” she said.

“This is when we found out that apparently, deliveries don’t knock. So since then, for the last couple of weeks, I have really been paying attention. No delivery driver or mailman knocks,” she went on in the video.

“Even when I have ordered fresh groceries to be delivered, they don’t knock. They just leave them on the door step,” she marveled.

Peacock explained that in the UK, one would be “lucky” if a package was left at the door with no one answering as every delivery driver knocks.

“This is something I find really weird, but I think I like it. It means no matter whether you’re in or not, your package is going to get left,” she said, adding that it is preferable for her as she is “anti-social.”

Peacock’s video triggered many responses, with plenty of advice on how to handle package deliveries on this side of the pond.

“Do not open the door unless you are expecting someone. I even have a doormat that says ‘did you text first?'” one user noted.

“American rule, don’t answer the door,” someone else advised.

“It used to be a requirement, I think covid changed that,” one person wrote, while another told Peacock, “Things definitely still get stolen off the porch lol that’s why we need doorbell cameras.”

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