Did Idaho libraries ban children, ID visitors under 30 in overreaction to law on age-restricted material?

Media outlets and Democrats have gone apoplectic over a new public library law in Idaho that restricts age-sensitive materials from being accessed by minors, requiring parental supervision.

Case in point… the Daily Mail reported, “Public libraries across Idaho have banned children from entering due to a controversial law putting a ‘bounty’ on thousands of books. Conservative lawmakers pushed through legislation allowing parents to sue libraries over books they deem ‘obscene’ or otherwise inappropriate for children.”

“Public and school libraries had 60 days to remove the book or move it to an adults-only area closely monitored by staff, or face lawsuits from parents. However, many libraries were too small to create a special section, or lacked the resources or appetite for risk, and instead banned kids entirely,” the outlet contended and then claimed that the Idaho Falls public library had a “huge stop symbol” displayed and that patrons had to show ID if they were under 30.

That last claim is being contested. It is allegedly in reference to a sign that the Donnelly Public Library displayed, according to one conservative online.

“These comments on Idaho’s new law restricting age-sensitive materials at public libraries are insane.

To be clear, the law does NOT:

– Restrict entry to public libraries to persons under the age of 18 .

– Require photo ID’s for persons who are questionably under the age of 18 for entry (or under the age of 30)

– Require that public libraries issue special ‘unrestricted’ library cards to patrons.

– Be, ‘…accompanied by your parent or legal guardian who must sign an affidavit every time you come to the library.’

The below sign is either a fake, or it has been posted by some very stupid activists. I intend to visit each of the 3 libraries on my way home tonight to verify whether or not this sign is an actual thing. Even the citation of the law is WRONG on this sign!” Slippery Sloop wrote on X.

That clarification and charge did not stop the Daily Mail from continuing with suspect reporting on the issue, “Children could only enter if they had an unrestricted library card signifying their parents were happy with them browsing alone, or be accompanied by a parent who ‘must sign an affidavit every time you come to the library.'”

The claim inflamed leftists and caused a blowup. The abortion card was also thrown because Idaho bans most of the practice except in cases of rape or incest.

The Daily Mail did report that the Donnelly Public Library claimed it was too small to enforce the law and would only allow adults to enter the premises because of it.

“Children couldn’t even use the bathroom without being escorted by a parent, or be part of a program where their parents sign a waiver,” the media outlet added.

“Our size prohibits us from separating our ‘grown up’ books to be out of the accessible range of children,” the library ostensibly claimed. “Because we don’t have an attorney on retainer, we can’t take those chances. We need to let it be fought out by somebody other than a small and rural library.”

Democrats and leftist critics of the law are furious claiming it impacts free speech and parental rights. They protested it going into effect.

(Video Credit: KMVT 11)

The law is a result of what many consider pornographic books being allowed into children’s sections in public libraries. The movement was led by organizations such as Parents Against Bad Books.

“The husband and wife team Blaine and Anna Conzatti who run the group drew up a hit list of 53 books they wanted pulled from library shelves,” the Daily Mail noted.

“Kootenai County Sheriff Bob Norris sparked more outrage when bodycam of footage was released showing him going through the young adult section of the Hayden Public Library, hunting for books he deemed obscene,” the media outlet stated. “On camera, he claimed libraries were ‘enticing’ children with inappropriate books ‘like the old-fashioned guy in the van with candy.'”


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