Illegal aliens reportedly get a collective pass from DC police for driving without license plates

The Washington, D.C. police are allegedly giving a pass to illegal immigrants who are driving motorized bikes around town without license plates, especially those conducting food deliveries.

The Daily Signal did a lengthy writeup after interviewing a number of individuals who admitted they were illegal aliens working as food delivery drivers, utilizing motorcycles or motorized bikes that don’t have license plates. That means they are also not registered or insured either.

“D.C. law requires that a motorcycle or a motor-driven cycle, a motor vehicle that has a gas, electric, or hybrid motor no larger than 50 cubic centimeters (cc) and cannot go above 30 mph, be registered with the District’s Department of Motor Vehicles within 30 days of purchase and display a license plate on the back of the two- or three-wheeled vehicle,” The Daily Signal noted.

“The Daily Signal became aware of an increased number of motor-driven cycles without license plates operating in the District. If operating a motorized bike in the District at speeds above 20 miles per hour, not only does that vehicle require registration, the driver is required to ‘have on his or her possession a valid [driver’s] license’ and insurance, per the city’s Department of Motor Vehicles,” the media outlet reported.

There has been an increase in motorized bikes in the nation’s capital clogging up the streets. The police seem to be turning a blind eye to them and “do not appear to be enforcing registration laws,” according to the outlet.

Businesses that sell motorized bikes in D.C. claim that the police “don’t give any attention” to the illegal immigrants who are brazenly breaking the law there.

Those businesses are knowingly breaking the law themselves according to The Daily Signal:

The bike shop employee said drivers don’t need a license to operate a 49cc (or lower) bike. He then proceeded to explain that the shop only sells 50+ cc bikes before showing The Daily Signal a drawer full of license plates that read “49cc.”

The seller, unaware that he was speaking to members of the media, said the shop puts “49cc” plates on the bikes to deflect suspicion over the actual motor size.

The media outlet interviewed about a dozen individuals driving the streets of D.C. without license plates. Most of them said that they “had crossed the southern border illegally.”

An American food delivery driver commented that the motorized bike delivery service had exploded in size over the last year and a half in the city. To compete, he has to keep up with the illegal immigrants who are given a pass in D.C.:

The American driver said that until a year and a half ago, there were only two or three other motorized bike drivers doing food deliveries in the northwest section of the District where he works. All other food-delivery drivers were using cars, bicycles, or e-bikes, he said, adding that in the past year, the number of motor-driven cycles has risen to about 1,000, in his estimation.

The American explained that he opted to get a 150cc bike when so many other drivers were entering his job market with larger bikes that allowed them to deliver food further and faster.

None of those spoken to would identify themselves, including the U.S. citizen who was interviewed. But they did say the police don’t enforce the law when it comes to proper license, registration, and insurance for motorized bikes.

When The Daily Signal spoke with the Metropolitan Police Department, a spokesperson asserted that the illegal aliens operating the motorized bikes were “testing their luck.” The D.C. police also claimed that they are “working to strengthen MPD’s traffic enforcement.”


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