‘Pure evil’: Thug pushes elderly woman down church stairs, robs her

A heartless thug attacked a 68-year-old woman on her way to Sunday Mass in Queens, throwing her from a top step that was feet away from the front door of Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church.

The woman hit the ground below landing on her head and with a camera recording everything, the criminal proceeded to rob her as she lay there motionless — he stole her purse and then stole her car, a 2006 Nissan Altima, according to NBC New York.

“Horrible. I could not believe my eyes. Seeing what he did to this lady,” Rev. Konstantinos Kalogridis of St. Demetrios said, according to the affiliate. “She was coming to church to pray, to participate. I don’t know what kind of a person this is but evil. Pure evil.”

The reverend said it was a miracle that the woman survived the attack. He also visited the victim in the hospital.

“She is in stable condition,” Rev. Kalogridis said. “She is such a sweet lady. She is a very humble low-key person.”

As the tweet above noted, there may be a special place in hell for someone who attacks elderly women with such viciousness, it’s fair to ask if this is a representation of American values or a display of third-world values being imported into the country by the Biden administration.

New York City estimated that there were nearly a half million illegal immigrants in the city in 2020, which was before President Joe Biden sent a clarion call to the world that America’s borders are wide open and ripe for exploitation. Since then, an estimated 10 million illegal immigrants have flowed into the U.S., with reports of third-world nations emptying their prisons and mental asylums to dump their problems on America.

A good number of these new arrivals ended up in New York, either on their own or courtesy of Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott’s complimentary bussing program.

Police are still trying to locate the attacker, so his immigration status is not clear. If he is apprehended, he will likely not be in jail long, given the city’s leniency toward criminals.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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