Illegals may be sent into the San Diego streets with overwhelmed migrant center closing

Tucker Carlson once called the Biden-orchestrated crisis on the border the “greatest crime ever committed against the United States – by far,” and that was in 2022. Since then, millions more from all across the globe have infiltrated our country including a significant uptick in military-age males from China.

With Texas increasing efforts to deter illegal crossings, other border states are seeing an increase in foot traffic from foreign nationals who openly defy U.S. immigration laws, including California.

Nearly 140,000 illegal immigrants — the media likes to refer to them as asylum seekers, even though most claims would be rejected under a competent system — have crossed into the San Diego sector since Oct. 1, and the overwhelmed migrant center there has announced that it will be forced to close its doors Thursday after depleting its funding, according to Fox News.

“Over the past few months, we’ve seen 100,000 migrants come across the San Diego border,” El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells told Fox & Friends First. “A lot of those have been absorbed by this county shelter that used taxpayer money. They asked for $3 million and they spent over $6 million and now they say they’re out of money. So we’re going to see migrants congregating in our streets.”

“The Border Patrol tells us we’re going to go from about 300 drop-offs a day to maybe a thousand drop-offs a day. I think it’s going to become a pretty serious problem pretty quickly,” he added.

The center has been picking up illegal immigrants from Border Patrol stations in buses and works to “provide services to prepare them for the journey to their final destination,” Fox News reported — a final destination that often involved U.S. taxpayer-funded flights across America.

“As the number of migrants arriving at the center has increased significantly over the last few weeks, our finite resources have been stretched to the limit,” SBCS CEO Kathie Lembo said in a statement.

SBCS (South Bay Community Services) is a community-based nonprofit organization. Speaking of crimes, NPOs are involved in virtually every step migrants take on their journey to America and are often funded by U.S. taxpayers through federal grants.

Wells said hotels might be the next best option as the trafficking of illegal immigrants has become highly lucrative for hoteliers.

“They spent up to $8,000 per person per month to put somebody up in a hotel, and they seem to have no problem spending that kind of money. It ruins the neighborhoods, it destroys the hotels, it destroys our security infrastructure. And it’s really bad for everybody,” he said.

“They” being the Biden administration.

Tom Tillison


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