‘I’m not a racist’: Mexican pool party woman speaks out, says footage was ‘deceptively edited’

The Colorado woman who was caught on a viral video berating a group of Latino people during a confrontation at an apartment complex swimming pool denied that she’s a racist while admitting that she should have kept her cool and suggesting that the footage posted to social media doesn’t tell the whole story of what happened.

Blair Featherman, who has been dubbed “poolside Karen” for her rant that was first posted to TikTok and subsequently blew up across multiple platforms, said that the video which was taken at the Alta Green Mountain apartment complex in the Denver suburb of Lakewood had been “deceptively edited” and omitted racist slurs hurled at her by the group that she described as a “f**king Mexican party in the pool.”

“I have been trying to stay silent and not comment about this, but there are things the video doesn’t show,” the 49-year-old art consultant told the Daily Mail. “I’m not a racist. It was deceptively edited and put together to tell a narrative that isn’t true.”

(Video: The Daily Mail)

“You have a f**king Mexican party in a pool. Trash,” Featherman shouted in the now infamous video in which, after realizing that she was being recorded, advanced on the person with the phone and tried to grab it. “You can’t do that. You can’t just record me,” she said.

“Go back down to Denver,” she yelled, drawing a response of “Get the f**k out of here!”

“I live here, nowhere you ever came from, you f**king low-class slime,” she continued as the holiday weekend day at the pool went entirely off the rails, eventually resulting in the police being summoned to the scene of the altercation.

While acknowledging that she should have done a better job at keeping her composure and not allowing herself to be baited into an argument, she said that she was attacked after she complained about the group breaking complex rules about the number of guests allowed by residents, telling the Daily Mail that there were too many people there who did not reside at the apartments.

Featherman said that things soon escalated, claiming that members of the “Mexican” group began to shout racial epithets and recording her.

“They were calling me white b***h and white this and white that,” she told the outlet.

“I was already having a bad day,” she said. ‘But this was too much.”

She said that as she tried to get ahold of the phone, she was attacked physically and that “one woman clawed at her hair so violently that her artificial nails broke off.”

The alleged attack was not included in the video that hairdresser Jada Gallardo posted to TikTok that quickly went viral, with Featherman saying that it was “cut so it then follows on several minutes later from a different angle,” to show her in a pool chair in an agitated state while her boyfriend, who lives at the complex, calls for help.

“I couldn’t believe what just happened, my heart was racing, and I was so full of adrenaline,’ she said.

‘I couldn’t think straight,” she continued, adding that she opened her hand to show the group that she still had the nails of the woman who attacked her.

“I have heard that people are assuming they’re pills that I am holding in my hand, but it’s actually her nails that I’m showing her,” Featherman said.

Gallardo “did not respond” to the Daily Mail which reached out to her for comments.

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