‘I’m that Jew’ creator on Islamic terrorism: ‘Wake the hell up. It’s coming.’

The famous Jewish man who made the “I’m that Jew” video eight years ago is back with a warning about radical Islamic terrorism.

Eitan Chitayat is his name, and he originally blew up in 2015 when he published an extraordinary video proudly touting his religion.

Watch that video below:

Almost a decade later, Chitayat has returned to the scene with an important warning about radical Islam.

The warning centers around a guy he knew named Bill who for the life of him didn’t understand how Israeli Jews put up with so much terrorism.

“I knew a guy — met him in 2000 while working together at an ad agency in Boston,” Chitayat says in his newest video. “He actually asked about Israel a lot. At the time, there’d been relentless Hamas suicide bombings killing our people, doing whatever they could to literally rip us to shreds — blowing up buses, restaurant shops. And it was incessant.”

“And he didn’t understand their hate and how we lived with it in our lives. What option do we have, I’d say. We have to fight terror but also continue, and they can’t beat our spirit. To him, terrorism was foreign, see. He’d never been abroad, not once. He couldn’t wrap his head around it,” the Jewish commentator added.

Chitayat was originally jealous of his friend’s “beautiful naivete,” though he tried for his part to explain the phenomenon of terrorism to his friend.

“I tried to explain how America couldn’t stay isolated forever, that Israel’s fight wasn’t just ours — it was for anyone who didn’t want Sharia law,” he said.

“It wasn’t restricted to the Palestinian quest for a land of their own. It was entwined with radical Islam, an ideology with no mercy and no borders — one that doesn’t discriminate, not even amongst those it supposedly fights for,” he added.

Then something horrific occurred — the friend, Bill Weems, died during the Sept. 11 terror attack aboard United Flight 175.

Watch Chitayat’s latest video below:

“It’s been 23 years now,” he continued. “The number of people being killed in the name of Islamic radicalism continues to grow everywhere. You can hear anti-Western speeches by radical Islamic leaders, anti-Semitic chants on the streets of Europe or on campuses across the United States even.”

“In these words, they move people to hate. They also target young children and teens, those who are most susceptible to lies. It’s all well-thought out, taught and funded. They’re global. They’re organized,” he added.

And, he further noted, it’s imperative that the Americans and Brits who watched the horror in Israel unfold after the Oct. 7th terror attack last year never forget “how it came home to you” so many times.

“It came home to you [in the] Boston Marathon in 2013, to the London train and bus bombings in 2005, the Paris Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2015, the Pittsburg Tree of Life synagogue in 2018, the ongoing killings in Sudan, Nigeria, and Yemen, to Iranians in Iran in the form of state sponsored terrorism and totalitarianism to Syria and Iraq, where over 1 million people have been killed in civil wars,” he said.

“These murders are a direct result of Islamic radicals sending a message to anyone standing in their way on the road to an Islamic caliphate — one that’ll be worse than hell on Earth, where radical Muslims kill not just Jews but people of other faiths, their own people, anyone who doesn’t bow down before their perverted form of Islam,” he added.

The latest Islamic terror attack occurred in Russia last week.

It doesn’t help, Chitayat continued, that the media is doing some of the terrorists’ dirty work for them.

“These terror organizations are thrilled because the media is putting the spotlight for all the problems in our neighborhood on Israel,” he explained. “They’re happy that most people don’t see them for who they are, even though they’re out there for all to see.”

“They can rest easy knowing that most ordinary, young, uninformed people aren’t even aware that they’re being manipulated to hate online with videos and propaganda intended to make them furious. Videos of dead people sell. The context of how and why it happened doesn’t,” he added.

“Terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah know full well that in this crazy world we’ve become facts don’t matter — just emotion. So they show gen Z what they know they won’t like out of context and they know that they’ll respond to. Here’s oppression, here’s apartheid, here’s genocide. Even though none of that’s going on, and the situation is much more complex than they’d have you believe,” he continued.

Young people today are essentially brainwashed, he argued, pointing to the way they consume “news” while watching TikTok on their phones.

“The short attention span phenomenon means they don’t dig deep enough to get different points of view and apply critical thinking, which is, well, critical, so they can see things for how they truly are instead of believing narratives delivered literally and ultimately by jihadists who are pinching themselves at how naïve people are, believing that radical Islam doesn’t affect them, that it’s someone else’s problem — Israel’s problem  — and that in fact Israel’s to blame for it,” he said.

Concluding his lengthy video, Chitayat then dropped his warning — a stark one that folks would be fools to ignore.

“Radical Islamic leaders love how ordinary citizens aren’t pressurizing their leaders to crush them into oblivion, as they brainwash entire communities in their neighborhoods,” he said. “They’ve got ordinary citizens in the palm of their hand, not knowing that they’re being played. But you know who I’m sure doesn’t love any of this? Bill’s family.”

“It’s 23 years now since Bill was murdered by Islamic jihadists, [by] Hamas, Hezbollah, other like-minded terror organizations. They’re still here, and their killing is far from over, and I hate to break it to you—but it’s coming to a place near you, sooner than you think. And that’s not fearmongering. That’s just an inconvenient truth for you,” he added.

Vivek Saxena


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