‘I’m the expert in the room!’ PhD fumes when room laughs at his gender claim

The remarkable — and perhaps unforgivable — thing about the transgender craze is that the medical industry plays along with the concept of “gender-affirming care,” which is largely destroying the lives of young people ill-equipped to be consenting to life-altering, permanent changes to their bodies.

In fact, professionals across the board have yielded to the intolerance on the left toward anyone who refuses to play along with the fanciful notion that a man can suddenly decide that he is a woman or vice versus. It’s a ridiculous notion that goes against science but we are expected to accept it and this results in a U.S. Supreme Court justice refusing to define what a woman is.

Or, in an anthropologist denying well-established facts about the human body, even if they get laughed out of the room.

Former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines, a one-time champion brave enough to take a public stance against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, a 6 ft., 4-inch biological male being allowed to compete with women, was speaking at the University of Pittsburgh on the issue of men competing in women’s sports, when Gabby Yearwood, a senior lecturer at the school’s anthropology department, declared skeletal remains cannot determine a deceased person’s sex.

“If you were to dig up two humans 100 years from now, both a man and a woman, would you be able to tell the difference strictly off of bones?” Gaines asked Yearwood.

“No,” he replied, drawing laughter from the room, which clearly upset him.

“I’m not sure why I’m being laughed at if I’m the expert in the room,” Yearwood protested. “I have a Ph.D.!”

Gaines is now with the Independent Women’s Forum and the organization gave Yearwood an assist in sharing one skeletal difference between a male and female:

Then again, the anthropology field is being leaned on by the left to “no longer classify human remains as male or female, as well as ignore evidence related to racial ancestry,” the Daily Wire reported.

“Every single rational person knows the answer: men have narrower hips, their skulls are different, they have an extra rib, their femurs are longer, their jaws are different,” Gaines told the Daily Wire. “When he said ‘No,’ it just highlighted that even someone with a Ph.D. was willing to lie to virtue signal or to put off this perception that sex is a social construct, which we know is not the case.”

Gaines earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky in human health sciences and health law and now works to raise awareness about radical gender theory.

“As a whole, we want to put off this farce that we’re inclusive, kind, accepting, loving, and tolerant, but in reality, to deny the truth of what a man and a woman is, and to allow men to infiltrate women’s spaces and our sports that were once sex-protected, that is not kind,” she added. “That’s actually exclusive: it’s excluding the very female athletes, and the very females in general, that these sex-protected spaces and categories were created to protect.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

Tom Tillison


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