‘Influencer’ urges followers to raise money for illegal alien who allegedly shot tourist in Times Square

A criminal illegal alien who’s also a TikTok influencer has been using his influence to support a fellow criminal illegal who’d shot at the police.

As previously reported, earlier this month a criminal illegal alien “teen” suspect allegedly opened fire in New York City’s Times Square while resisting arrest for shoplifting. The gunshot left a Brazilian tourist wounded.

The suspect has since been identified as Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa, a criminal illegal alien from Venezuela, the same country from where TikTok influencer Leonel Moreno illegally migrated to the U.S..

Rivas-Figueroa is currently being held on attempted murder charges without bail, which is a rarity for soft-on-crime New York City.

Yet despite this, Moreno has been urging his nearly 300,000 followers to unite and raise money to ostensibly bail Rivas-Figueroa out of jail.

“I invite you to look for [his] mother and all of us join to pay the bail, so that this young Venezuelan feels that you’re not alone in difficult times, but remembers that there is a God up there who sees,” he said in a recent TikTok video, according to a translation by the New York Post.

“Today it could be him, tomorrow it could be you…He did something wrong, it’s okay. You don’t know when God is going to put you in a situation like the one this young man is in. We are going to unite forces so that this child is free and has an opportunity,” he added.


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Besides evidently being a pro-criminal criminal illegal alien, Moreno also reportedly begs for money while living in Columbus, Ohio, with his “partner” and their three-month-old daughter.

Case in point: In another recent video, he bragged about earning $275 from “three hours [of] asking for money at traffic lights.”

“[In the USA] everything is given away [if] you know how to look,” he said in the video, according to a translation.


@leitooficial_25♬ sonido original – Leitooficial

Critics who spoke with the Post were furious over Moreno’s behavior.

“Americans should be outraged to see how someone can come…and abuse the laws and benefits of America,” Daniel Di Martino, a Manhattan Institute fellow and a Venezuelan native, said.

“Sadly, he’s just one of many who are ripping off the taxpayer because of our own badly written laws that allow them to collect some welfare and take years to decide asylum cases that likely will be denied,” he added.

New York City Councilman Joseph Borelli, a Republican, agreed.

“This is exactly the type of attitude that is really helping the migrants win the hearts and minds of New Yorkers to their cause,” he sarcastically said.

“We absolutely don’t need to start importing criminals or boosting crowdsourcing campaigns to spring them from jail. The influencer better start warning his followers: don’t come to the United States to commit crimes,” Councilman Robert Holden, a Democrat, added.

All this comes about two weeks after a report broke that New York Gov. Kathy Hochul is quietly handing out taxpayer money to criminal illegal aliens.

The New York Post noted at the time that in May, the state’s Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA) modified its “Safety Net Assistance” (SNA) program to make criminal illegal aliens eligible for it.

“Effective immediately, OTDA recognizes non-citizens in any of the following categories as PRUCOL for the purposes of SNA eligibility. If otherwise eligible, individuals presenting immigration documentation evidencing any of the categories below can receive SNA,” an under-the-radar announcement from OTDA read.

PRUCOL is short for Permanently Residing Under Color of Law, and according to the New York government, it “was created by courts and is used for public benefits eligibility, including Medicaid.”

The only potential good news was that OTDA had claimed only 10 percent of the state’s current criminal illegal alien population was eligible for the program. That being said, even 10 percent is a lot of people.

“With more than 173,000 migrants coming to the Big Apple since spring 2022, if only 10% of migrants here are eligible for SNA payments, the number of recipients could exceed 17,000 in NYC alone,” the Post noted.

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