Investigation into Riley Gaines being ‘assaulted & held for ransom’ suspended and she is NOT happy

Joining the list of “mostly peaceful protests,” the investigation of campus violence against a visiting speaker ended with the claims declared “unfounded” as the victim cried “abomination.”

(Video: Fox News)

Nearly one year after former NCAA swimmer turned women’s rights advocate Riley Gaines was met with “left-wing violence” at San Francisco State University, the University Police Department released a conclusion that the athlete slammed as “abysmal.”

As had been seen in video from the April 6 event hosted by Turning Point USA, and according to the athlete’s own account, she “was ambushed and physically hit twice by a man.” However, this week an email from UPD stated, “UPD conducted an investigation and after interviewing involved parties and reviewing available video footage found that claims of crimes committed were unfounded.”

“Remember when I was assaulted & held for ransom through the night by a mob of violent protesters at SFSU?” asked Gaines on X. “The police have finally informed me the case has been suspended as all charges are ‘alleged’ & ‘unfounded’…I guess audio, video & eyewitness evidence aren’t admissible in SF.”

Friday, she joined “Fox & Friends” where she expounded on her position that, “this is abysmal…There’s an abundance of evidence that what I am claiming happened, happened.”

“There are audio evidence, there’s video evidence, there are eyewitnesses who were there at the time. Heck, the officer who sent me the email saying that the charges were unfounded was being held for ransom in the room with me,” the activist told co-host Ainsley Earhardt.

“So I think this sets a terrible precedent, not just for conservatives or conservative speakers on college campuses like myself. This sets a terrible precedent for every single American — male, female, regardless of race, regardless of sexual orientation, because what our Department of Justice has now done by saying they can’t do anything, they can’t charge anyone involved here, is they’re saying and honestly, they’re encouraging, violence and violence against women, for that matter, and the infringement upon our First Amendment rights, our freedom of speech at that,” expressed the guest.

“So I think this is an abomination, really,” said Gaines. “That’s how I feel.”

“This would have been handled entirely differently had this been the other way around, had this been flipped, had a bunch of conservative students, Christian conservative students, been protesting a liberal speaker on campus. But that’s not happening,” she had asserted a day earlier on “America Reports.”

(Video: Fox News)

“We’re not seeing that on college campuses. This violence is only going one way and I testified before Congress a few months back, about the rise in violence among left-leaning protesters,” she reminded.

As reported, Gaines spoke before the House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Oversight, Investigations, and Accountability during their hearing, “‘Mostly Peaceful’: Countering Left-Wing Organized Violence” and testified how she was held against her will for hours by protesters who claimed her “appearance on campus was so traumatic that they were owed something.”

“They were under the false notion that the university paid me to be there,” the swimmer had told Congress.

Speaking with Earhardt, Gaines added, “My life was being threatened. You can only imagine the things that for hours, being held for ransom through the middle of the night in San Francisco by hundreds of protesters, you can only imagine the obscene and profane and heinous things that were being yelled at me, how I was being assaulted in ambush — I truly, in that moment, I feared for my life.”

Reactions to the UPD determination on social media were as outraged as those of the activist herself.

Kevin Haggerty


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