Influencer’s attempt to shame restaurant that wouldn’t buy into her marketing scheme backfires spectacularly

An aspiring influencer decided to publicly shame a restaurant because it wouldn’t buy into her marketing scheme and it blew up in her face on social media where she was slammed for her pettiness.

Jamieson May, who comes from Melbourne, Australia, was hammered with “rude” messages after she attempted to “expose” Patsy’s because the owners rejected her proposal.

“Melbourne-based Jamieson May, who styles herself as a ‘travel, lifestyle, fashion, and food creator’, posted an almost three-minute rant last month about vegetarian restaurant Patsy’s located in the CBD,” the Daily Mail reported.

“I received the most horrible message yesterday from a restaurant [after] wanting to work with them and I need to make you aware so you guys never work with them and know your standards,” she complained to her 9,000 TikTok followers.

@jamiesonmayyy I just can’t believe that someone else in the professional industry of marketing and having there own business would say this to another human being ❤️‍ Your follower count does not define you! You might have 10x better content then someone with 1 million followers!! I wanted to create this video to let all other content creators know that this is extremely unprofessional and disgusting. – #melbournerestaurants #melbournerestaurant #contentcreator #melbournefood #exposingthetruth #exposingfooditem #exposingrestaurants #contentcreatortips ♬ original sound – jamieson may

The blowup began when May posted a message to Patsy’s on Instagram asking if the owners would work with her to create marketing content for her followers. It did not go as she anticipated.

“You don’t seem to have any followers, maybe you should approach us when you have over 100k,” the restaurant’s account informed the wannabe influencer.

May has approximately 17,000 followers on Instagram and was evidently highly offended by the blunt response.

“I’m absolutely gobsmacked. I had no words,” May whined. “I was actually disgusted that someone could say that to another person. This is clearly someone not in marketing – they don’t understand literally anything.”

Again, her response did not elicit the sympathy she was seeking. May has since turned off comments under her video because she was dragged all over the place.

“When I first outed the restaurant on TikTok, it reached the wrong audience of non-creators and influencers who didn’t understand what was happening,” May asserted. “People sent extremely rude comments that I am just an entitled influencer who just wants ‘free’ stuff and I am complaining about it all.”

Mathew Guthrie and Clinton Trevisi own Patsy’s. They meant exactly what they told the influencer and defended their response. The restaurateurs claimed it was “obvious” that they had no interest in working with May considering her follower profile.

“Her followers are not really people that we have in the venue often and probably not the market that we are looking to engage with,” Guthrie told in an interview. “I think she was just hoping to increase her visibility with these outrage posts. It, sort of, has worked already but I am not sure how it will be able to be monetized as marketing.”

According to Daily Mail Australia, May claims she “never asked for a free service” and she was just making a statement about the restaurant’s “customer service.”

“I am standing up for small creators who might have amazing content but don’t get the recognition they deserve,” she stated. “Most people have just been called me entitled when they don’t fully understand how content creation works in the marketing world. All of my content creator audience and friends have agreed with me on the matter.”

The influencer earned scorn on social media for whining about the restaurant:


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