INSIDER: US Senator’s post-debate admission, ‘the American people need to understand the Deep State is running this country’

Democrats in damage control saw a sitting GOP senator calling out the establishment “Deep State” with a few suggestions on who might actually be “running this country.”

Like the flatlining pulse of a hospital patient, President Joe Biden’s brain freezes heard ’round the world left many debate viewers finally seeing the mental decline that leftists have been covering up throughout the “Weekend at Bernie’s” administration.

Friday, Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R) joined “The Jeff Poor Show” on FM Talk 1065 where he argued it was the American people, not the president, who were “the big loser last night.”

Invoking former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, their wives, Senate Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), the lawmaker argued, “You never knew how bad it was going to be, but it couldn’t have been worse for Joe Biden.”

“But, you know, the big loser last night, Jeff, was the American people. American people have finally found out what’s been going on for the last three-and-a-half, four years,” he contended. “Somebody behind the scenes like the Obamas, the Clintons, Schumer and Pelosi, they’re running our country and Joe Biden has been a puppet president. He’s the same as he’s been. He’s gotten a little bit worse, but it was a disaster.”

Acknowledging that “President Trump did a good job of pretty much using facial expressions and staying out of the way,” Tuberville suggested, “The rules kind of helped him in terms of not being able to interrupt. But it’s a sad state of affairs.”

An ad put out by former President Donald Trump’s campaign highlighted how much Biden’s own failings influenced the widespread opinion that the GOP leader had triumphed in the debate.

“I don’t know what direction the Democrats will go right now, but they’re in panic mode, and the American people just need to understand the Deep State is running this country,” he went on. “And they’re going to continue to do it if the Democratic Party and the RINOs of this country keep electing them.”

The congressman was hardly the first person to come to the seemingly self-evident conclusion that Biden remained incapable of performing the duties of president as, only a couple of weeks earlier, podcast host Joe Rogan had reacted to the president’s embarrassing visit to Europe and said, “Everything around him is what’s supporting this country, which is kind of crazy, kind of shows you the system kinda works.”

Rogan further argued that a vote to re-elect Biden would actually be voting to re-elect “this mysterious cabal of humans that’s actually running the country.”

Of course, the take was hardly a partisan contention as ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, onetime spokesperson for Clinton, had defended the existence of the Deep State on “The View” as he made the case that it was “packed with patriots.”

Meanwhile, for those somehow surprised at the state of Biden’s mental faculties, like the “duped” Alyssa Farah Griffin, Tuberville blamed the corporate media that she was a part of and posted on X, “Last night, we saw @JoeBiden truly exposed to the nation for the first time in 4 years…and there was nothing the media could do to protect him on that stage. The mainstream media is the enemy of the people.”

Kevin Haggerty


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