Intel community reportedly circulated woke newsletter discussing things like ‘problematic phrases’, ‘crossdressing’

Ideology appeared to take precedence over intelligence for three letter agencies receiving a government-issued newsletter that extolled cross-dressing and inclusive language.

One need no longer plumb the depths to uncover the inanity of the federal government’s priorities as President Joe Biden’s administration continued to put Marxism front and center. The latest example featured an Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) circulated newsletter peddling perspectives to advance diversity, equity and inclusion, according to The Daily Wire.

Dubbed “The Dive,” the latest installment of a quarterly publication made public through a Freedom of Information Act request, presented arguments from an anonymous intelligence officer on how wearing women’s clothing has “sharpened” his skills while also pointing out “problematic phrases” to use when discussing terrorists, like “Jihadist” and “Radical Islamists.”

“America’s most powerful intelligence office told the CIA, FBI, and military to stop using the terms ‘Jihadist’ and ‘Islamic Extremist’ in the name of the DEI agenda. I’ve obtained the speech codes sent to the NSA, FBI, CIA and Pentagon by woke feds,” the Daily Wire report emphasized.

“I am an intelligence officer, and I am a man who likes to wear women’s clothes sometimes. I think my experiences as someone who crossdresses have sharpened the skills I use an an intelligence officer, particularly critical thinking and perspective-taking,” read the article titled “My Gender Identity and Expression Make Me A Better Intelligence Officer.”

“It is challenging for some people to understand crossdressing, and non-binary or genderfluid people because gender is a part of overall identity,” argued the anonymous author. “Many of us think of our identities as fixed, and some find this approach to gender threatening to their own identity.”

In a statement from the ODNI to The Daily Wire, a spokesperson said, “The IC Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (IC DEIA) Office manages the IC’s efforts to build a diverse and inclusive workforce, and as part of their work, they distribute The Dive, a quarterly magazine, to each IC element’s DEIA office and/or Equal Employment Opportunity office.”

The intelligence community was instructed to use the term “Khwarji,” defined as “outsiders,” to disassociate Muslim extremists from peaceful Muslims in a manner similar to pushing preferred pronouns as it was linked directly to the religion and a prophecy from Muhammad.

Introducing the newsletter, the editor-in-chief wrote, “This issue of The Dive highlights some…initiatives to improve the accuracy of the language we use on other topics; these are a sampling and are not comprehensive of all the great work being done across our agencies. This edition also has articles that speak to inclusivity more broadly, exploring gender identity, advances in accessibility, and diversity in leadership.”

Other taboo terms included “blacklisted,” “cakewalk,” “grandfathered” and “sanity check.”

Reacting to the publication that followed a previous report on the National Security Agency’s push toward woke terms with the release of a DEI glossary, Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton (R) told The Daily Wire, “The Biden administration putting DEI above national security is deeply concerning.”

“Intelligence officers should spend their time finding terrorists, not worrying about whether they will offend them,” he added.

Others added to the senator’s disapproval as they chimed in on social media to state, “We certainly don’t want to offend the terrorist. Good grief!”

Kevin Haggerty


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