‘It’s not going to end well’: Charlamange doubles down on morbid prediction about Kanye

Kanye West’s recent statements and behavior have done little to help the rapper rally the public around his position, but some fear the stakes are far greater than just his reputation alone, “and it’s not going to end well.”

Following a controversial appearance on Alex Jones’ show “InfoWars” where West said positive things about Adolf Hitler, the rapper got booted once more from Twitter over accusations of inciting violence for posting an image of a swastika merged with a Star of David.

Friday on “The Breakfast Club” radio show, Charlamange tha God reacted to West “getting progressively worse” and reasserted prior views that the rapper may be preempting his own demise.

After playing a clip from the Jones’ interview where West used “Sesame Street” character Elmo’s voice to portray former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ascribing quotes to the leader about trying to control the banks and history books, Charlamagne reacted bluntly, “Man, I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Kanye West is moving like a person who doesn’t feel like he’s gonna be here much longer. And it’s sad that folks are just watching this like it’s normal. That man needs to be committed to an institution.”

He went on, “Like we are watching a manic episode in real-time and it’s getting progressively worse. And the pain that man is going through, he’s projecting, you know, on himself and everyone else and it’s not going to end well.”

In October, Charlamagne had appeared on Lex Fridman’s podcast and said much the same, “I hope that this is what helps him to go find some real healing because clearly he’s hurting. Right? And I just–I don’t see this ending well. I feel like he’s moving like a person who doesn’t feel like he’s gonna be here much longer. You know what I mean?”

The host had also asserted, “He needs to start really leaning into God, cause nothing he’s doing is of God. Nothing I’ve seen him do is of God.”

As “The Breakfast Club” went on to air further comments from West where the rapper attempted to argue that he had taken ownership of the term antisemitic in the same way that the N-word had been repurposed after others had assigned the classification to him, Charlamagne determined that West was not only a danger to himself but a threat to “all other marginalized communities.”

“He’s definitely a clown. And I know that y’all think this is just about antisemitism, but what Kanye is doing right now is more than dangerous,” he said and went on, “Like, in fact it actually should be criminal. And black people and all other marginalized communities, if you think for one second it will be safe for you in a country where Nazi and white supremacists are empowered and people are attempting to normalize Hitler, then you out your rabbit-a** mind.”

“Two things can be true,” Charlamagne concluded. “He can need help and he can be a Nazi, he can be a bigot.”

Kevin Haggerty


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