James Comer says if no visitor logs, FBI should confiscate Biden security cameras like they did at Mar-a-Lago

Despite claims from the White House that no visitor logs exist for President Joe Biden’s Delaware home, Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) promised to keep digging to uncover who may have had access to classified documents stored there: “We do know he has surveillance cameras there.”

(Video: Fox News)

Though proclaiming full cooperation with the ongoing investigation, the stonewalling from the White House on aspects that truly matter may as well have left the administration saying “so sad, too bad.” A week after it was first leaked that classified documents from President Barack Obama’s administration were discovered at the Penn Biden Center in November, not only have documents been confirmed at Biden’s home, it’s possible records of who had access “have either been destroyed or never existed to begin with.”

So suggested Comer, the House Oversight Committee chairman, when he joined Fox News host Martha MacCallum Monday on “The Story” to discuss the latest in the “garage-gate” scandal.

After breaking down concerns over the University of Pennsylvania’s ties to China, as well as the DOJ’s seeming willingness to turn a blind eye to espionage being conducted by the foreign nation with an end to the China Initiative at the behest of the school, the lawmaker expressed next steps since it had been claimed there were no visitor logs to the Wilmington, Delaware home despite Biden spending nearly 20 percent of his presidency there.

“Well, we wonder if the Secret Service had records now, that’s our next question,” he told MacCallum. “Because he still had Secret Service protection. And you would assume that the Secret Service would vet people that would be allowed on the premise of the dwelling for the President of the United States.”

“So, there are other areas we’re going to look. I’m sure all of the records have either been destroyed or never existed to begin with. But at any rate, this is very concerning. The security cameras, remember the FBI, when they raided Mar-a-Lago,” he continued comparing the DOJ’s response to former President Donald Trump being accused of improperly storing classified documents to Biden’s current scandal, “they also took the security cameras to look at security footage. Did they do the same with Joe Biden? We do know he has surveillance cameras there.”

As previously reported, a statement from the White House Counsel’s Office contended Monday, “There are no visitor logs chronicling who comes and goes from the president’s house in Wilmington. Like every President in decades of modern history, his personal residence is personal.”

Likewise, Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi had told reporters “We don’t independently maintain our own visitor logs because it’s a private residence.”

Without yet knowing the content of the classified documents found at Biden’s home or who may have had access to them, Comer went on to suggest that the disparity of treatment between the current and former presidents was a scandal unto itself that needed to be addressed as, according to his research, every president had accidentally taken classified documents without getting raided as Trump had.

Kevin Haggerty


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