Rep. Jasmine Crockett whines to CNN’s tapper that MTG used racist ‘trope’

U.S. Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) did precisely what black people have been conditioned to do in post-Obama America, she interpreted criticism directed at her by a white colleague, U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), as racism.

Following the infamous House Oversight Committee catfight involving Crockett, Greene, and U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), CNN anchor Jake Tapper — the man tapped to moderate the first debate between President Biden and former President Donald Trump — was only too happy to provide Crockett a national platform to get the last word.

Crockett, who tends to dress more like she’s about to go clubbing than making policy, complete with excessively long eyelashes, showed up Sunday in much more conservative attire and did what she was expected to do, make it all about Trump while painting his supporters as racists after Greene responded in committee that perhaps her extreme eyelashes were interfering with her ability to read.


“I think her specifically doing it to me, yes, that was the intent as has been stated, women wear makeup, we wear lashes, we wear all types of things to beautify ourselves,” she said. “But MAGA has historically been on social media doing the things where they’re saying, ‘Oh, she’s black with lashes and nails and hair, and so she’s ghetto.’ And so, to me, this was her buying into that rhetoric and trying to amplify this for the MAGA crowd. And so, yeah, I absolutely think that she only did it to be racist towards me.”

Tapper eagerly lent an assist, helping Crockett properly phrase her attack on Greene.

“Because it was towards you or because it was eyelashes,” he said, “so in that sense, it’s kind of like, in your view, buying into a racist trope?”

“It is buying into a racist trope, but the reality is that women of all colors wear lashes,” Crockett said, essentially defeating her own argument.

To Tapper’s credit, he did ask Crockett about her own attack on Greene’s appearance when she countered by saying Greene was a “bleach blond, bad built butch body,” before plugging swag the Democrat is now selling off of the catfight.

Understanding that the standards are different in America when a person of color attacks a white person, Crockett laughed out loud as Tapper quoted her smear and claimed she was only asking for clarification while further attacking Greene on national television.

“So to be clear, what I did was ask for clarification,” Crockett said. “If her words were taken down that would mean she would have to leave the committee for the evening, which actually would have helped everybody, because the source of the chaos is always Marjorie Taylor Greene, but the chairman was concerned about his vote.”

When Tapper pressed her on whether she regretted her personal attack she is now capitalizing on, Crockett declared emphatically that she did not — while using the cable news platform to trash Trump and his millions of supporters.

“I don’t. Because, here’s the thing, I signed up to be a member of Congress,” the Democrat said. “That didn’t mean I was supposed to walk into a position where I’m going to walk in and be disrespected. It’s already a hostile work environment and we have rules. The problem with MAGA is that MAGA does not respect rules, nor do they respect the law.”

“That is exactly why they’re all running up to Trump’s trial,” she continued. “Because he’s in trouble not because of some big conspiracy by the Biden administration, he’s in trouble because he fails to respect the law. The reason that the Supreme Court right now is debating whether or not Trump can commit crimes or any president can commit crimes and then be let off is because they have no respect for the law.”

Tom Tillison


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