Jason Aldean remembers Toby Keith: ‘He said what he thought, whether it was the popular opinion or not’

Country legend Toby Keith’s profound impact was remembered by fellow superstar Jason Aldean ahead of the 2024 Academy of Country Music Awards.

In a statement to Fox News Digital, Aldean recalled Keith’s fierce honesty, and how he stayed true to himself no matter what the rest of the world thought.

“I think Toby was a guy for a lot of us in the business – well, I’ll speak for myself. I think he was a guy that a lot of us looked up to,” the ‘Burnin’ it Down’ singer gushed. “For me personally, he was a guy that I feel like … just always spoke his mind. He said what he thought, whether it was the popular opinion or not.”

“And it wasn’t, you know, it didn’t always go well for him, and he didn’t care,” Aldean continued. “I mean, it was something that if he felt strongly about it and felt like it was something he believed in, he was going to speak his mind.”

Aldean was inspired by Keith’s willingness to say what he believed, even if the rest of the world wasn’t on board.

“To me, from personal level, that was something to me that was always inspiring, as far as like, ‘Hey, you can still be an artist and be true to who you are and go out and not be afraid to speak out.’ And I think that was something that always kind of stood with me.”

“Just being not afraid to speak your mind, stand up for what you believe in,” Aldean continued. “Whether other people agree with it or not, be who you are and be unapologetic about it. And I think that’s pretty good advice.”

In a world where sharing an unpopular opinion can result in the loss of one’s career, this was no small task. Keith advised Aldean to “never apologize for being patriotic,” a tip that would come in handy after leftist backlash over his hit song “Try That In A Small Town.”

Outrage built after some accused the singer of having anti-Black undertones in the lyrics and video, which received monumental support from those who understood the message to be anti-rioting and anti-mob violence.

Sierra Marlee


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