Jason Whitlock says America’s reaction to Damar Hamlin proves we should kick ‘corporate media habit’

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin remains hospitalized in critical condition, fighting for his life after collapsing from cardiac arrest during a Monday Night Football game in Cincinnati. A desperate scene played out on the field of play as trainers and medical personnel performed CPR on the 24-year-old athlete and shocked Hamlin’s heart by using an AED machine (automated external defibrillator).

A scene that shocked the American psyche and showed that we are a Christian nation, despite what the media may say — more on that later with Jason Whitlock.

The NFL player was struck in the chest with the helmet of an opposing player as he went to tackle him, but the hit was not especially noteworthy or violent compared to NFL standards. The incident prompted plenty of speculation about the Covid-19 vaccine amid an apparent rise in heart problems among young athletes, but it’s too early to suggest that may have been a factor in Hamlin’s heart attack.

Turns out, there was a strikingly similar incident that played out in 2016 in the state of Georgia — well before the pandemic. Claire Crawford, who was 17 years old at the time, collapsed after serving in a high school volleyball game and went into cardiac arrest.

“I remember slowly going black. I don’t remember hitting the floor so I was out before hitting the floor,” Crawford told WSB-TV.

Staff and coaches rushed to her aid and saved her life by using an AED machine to restore her pulse — her family said she had no history of heart problems and doctors were unsure about what prompted the incident. She did have surgery on her shoulder previously, and the affiliate reported that doctors “found several unexplained blockages” while diagnosing Crawford and she would undergo triple bypass surgery.

On Monday night, we saw a nation come together in prayer for a young man fighting for his life — a black man whose race meant nothing to millions of Americans turning to God and beseeching his blessings upon Hamlin.

Jason Whitlock, host of the “Fearless” podcast, opened his first show of 2023 with a focus on the reaction in the media and online to Hamlin’s medical emergency, saying “this is why you need to kick your corporate media habit.”

About 15 minutes into the show, Whitlock would marvel over how everyone on Twitter was saying prayers for Damar Hamlin.

“I saw it everywhere, pray, pray, pray, pray and I’m like this is the most secular place on the planet, Twitter,” Whitlock said. “It is hostile to religious faith and Christian faith and I’m looking at people that never mention God all now pray, pray, pray, pray.”

He pointed out many of these people are the same ones who mock others who call for prayer after shootings and other tragic events.

“Someone like me says pray and we’re all mocked for that, but now the secular crowd is all throwing out this pray, pray — and I’m legitimately asking like, ‘Who do they want us to pray to? Who?”

After answering his own question by saying people should be praying to God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, Whitlock added, “All the ordinary people that I never see talk about God, they never give us the specifics. Pray — to who, the Fairy Godmother, Santa Claus?”

In opening the podcast, Whitlock asked for prayer for both Hamlin and the game of football, and offered a stellar take on where the NFL is today under the tutelage of Commissioner Roger Goodell, who caved long ago to the woke mafia.

“The woke have programmed us to hate football, to see it as a source of toxic masculinity, unnecessary health risk and a relic of a dying patriarchy. Football has been demonized, we watch it while holding our breath believing that every hit leads to life-altering head trauma. The 2022 season could very well be remembered as the year the NFL died in Cincinnati.”

“Corporate media’s addiction to Twitter compels a competition of last rights and emotion,” he said. “The enemies of football are the real winners, the feminists and leftists pushing the anti-football propaganda campaign have even seduced the sports participants. Inside an American culture that rewards victimhood, current and former NFL players cast themselves as martyrs of a game that makes them millionaires.”

Indeed, the left destroys everything it touches.


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