Jean-Pierre grilled by reporters demanding to know if Biden has dementia as excerpts of her book resurface

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was grilled by reporters in her first daily press briefing since her boss’s nationally televised faceplant at CNN’s presidential debate last week.

There is no way to explain away the 81-year-old’s disastrous performance as “cheap fakes” and the entire nation got its first look at a man who more closely resembles a dementia patient than the holder of the most powerful office on the planet.

During Tuesday’s briefing, the high-profile DEI hire engaged in a tense back and forth with a suddenly aggressive press who wanted answers about what’s really wrong with Biden as panic spreads throughout the political left a mere four months before the election.

(Video Credit: The White House)

“I’m going to ask something delicate and you may not like it, the president may not like to hear it if he’s watching but I think the American people need to get a yes or no answer on this,” said Andrew Feinberg of The Independent. “Does President Biden at 81 years old have Alzheimer’s, any form of dementia or degenerative illness that may cause these sorts of lapses? ”

“And it’s a yes or no question and if you don’t know, why don’t you, as one of his senior staff members, know the answer to…,” he added before being cut off by the historic first black lesbian to hold the job.

“I have an answer for you. Are you ready for it?” Jean-Pierre asked.

Feinberg replied, “Yes.”

“It’s a no, and I hope you’re asking the other guy the same exact question,” she said, referring of course to former President Donald J. Trump who some like Nancy Pelosi are trying to gaslight Americans into believing is the one who really has dementia, not Biden.

Jean-Pierre was also confronted about the covering up of Biden’s vastly depleted cognitive state, which didn’t just happen overnight.

(Video Credit: The White House)

“Is anyone in the White House hiding information about the president’s health or his ability to do the job day-to-day?” Asked the reporter.

“Absolutely not,” the prickly press secretary shot back, as she fielded several questions about Biden’s debate disaster amid calls for him to drop out of the race.

Ironically, the activist spox now finds herself onboard one of the “dying” campaigns that she wrote about in her 2020 book, excerpts of which were adapted by Salon and have resurfaced on social media.

“There’s nothing more dispiriting than working on a dying campaign. The atmosphere resembles one of those sad birth­day balloons with the air slowly seeping out as it deflates. You show up at the office. You’re pumped. You attack the phones. You deliberately put pep in your voice. ‘Everything is going great!’ we would blatantly lie to the movers and shakers we were calling. But the more we tried, the less it helped,” she wrote of her work on the 2008 campaign of former Dem senator John Edwards, a historical footnote who she lamented signing up for instead of Barack Obama.

Jean-Pierre’s experience with “doomed” campaigns should come in handy now that Biden’s is in what appears to be an irrecoverable death spiral.

Chris Donaldson


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