Jen Psaki touts ‘fierce communicator’ Kamala Harris as Biden replacement

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki floated the name of the best “alternative” to President Joe Biden as the Democrat nominee.

Psaki made the case for Vice President Kamala Harris during a “Pod Save America” podcast this week, arguing that Harris – who is often mocked for her word-salad responses to challenging questions – is a“fierce communicator.”

“There is a question out there that, again, I think campaigns are talking about, about the alternative and the alternative is very clearly in my view — there’s a lot of really amazing Democrats on the bench, but because of the timeline and everything, I think it is clearly Kamala Harris,” Psaki told former Barack Obama aide Jon Lovett.

(Video Credit: Pod Save America)

Psaki suggested some Democrats are not “comfortable” with Harris at the top of the ticket and wondered why more in the party have not more openly thrown their support behind the VP.

“I don’t why there hasn’t been kind of an overwhelming ‘Kamala would be a great president and she would be a fierce, amazing campaigner,’ right? But that’s not typically the message. I’m observing what people are saying. It’s typically ‘don’t take it away from Kamala Harris if it’s open, that would be unfair,’” she said.

Lovett agreed, but noted how Harris has been made a “caricature” by critics who have shared “goofy clips” of her which have “over-torqued opinion about her political skills.”

Psaki contended that Harris faces challenges because “we live in a sexist and racist country.”

“It’s almost like public opinion hasn’t caught up with what she is doing out there and also we live in a country that is sexist and racist so there is that,” she said. “Not everybody at all, but there is a level of it that does impact elections.”

Frieda Powers


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