Jesse v. Jessica: ‘So what!’ Sparks fly on ‘The Five’ as Watters tells Tarlov to calm the F down

“The Five” exploded on Thursday as co-hosts Jessica Tarlov and Jesse Watters got into it over Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s testimony before Congress, causing Tarlov to throw another patented hissy fit aimed at discrediting the leftist outlier.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Watters contended that he’d never seen Tarlov so upset over an issue such as this one simply because it has to do with vaccinations.

“She’s so upset about RFK Jr. So what if he believes certain things about vaccines? So what?” Watters asserted.

“Because they’re dangerous!” Tarlov exclaimed.

Watters went on to elaborate that it is Kennedy’s choice concerning vaccines. A line of reasoning that the left should agree with but instead, Tarlov tried to weaponize it and failed.

“If he believes certain vaccines are dangerous, so what, Jessica? So what? Why are you so passionate about what he believes about vaccines? Why is that such a threat to you, personally?” Watters asked her.

“Are your kids vaccinated?” Tarlov shot back.

“Yeah, so what?” Watters responded.

Tarlov then set what she evidently thought was a trap for Watters which he simply ignored.

“Why did you do it? Why did you make that smart decision?” she sneered at her co-host.

“Because my doctor said to get him vaxxed. So what if he believes that about vaccines? I’ve never seen you so upset over anything on this show, because of what he said about vaccines one time,” Watters heatedly replied.

“It’s not one time!” Tarlov railed on the verge of losing it altogether.

Watters proceeded to point out that Tarlov and Democrats seem fixated on Kennedy because he doesn’t toe the leftist line. He’s seen as an absolute threat to Biden and the narrative on the left.

It’s actually kind of weird that you’re so upset about what one Democrat thinks about vaccines. You can do whatever you want with your body, you can do whatever you want with your kid’s body, your doctor can decide with you what to do with your body. What does it have to do with RFK Jr.?” Watters asked the fuming Democrat.

“Thanks for advocating for Roe,” Tarlov snarked, thinking she had sprung her trap neatly with Watters stepping into it.

“And to have a Democrat question a pharmaceutical conglomerate and that’s off-limits in the Democratic Party? You guys have been railing against Big Business for decades. He comes out and questions Big Business and you say, you can’t say that? These guys sold us a bill of goods on the vaccine. I got vaccinated. OK, they said you couldn’t get it if you were vaxxed or couldn’t transmit — they were wrong about that. So, why do you believe everything these companies tell you? Every time Big Tech says something, you think they’re telling the truth?” Watters raged, entirely dismissing Tarlov’s line of attack.

Tarlov spluttered and said “No!”

“No one tells the truth! Except me,” Watters joked.

Watters went on to urge that “everybody should read the opening statement by RFK Jr.” because “it’s moving and powerful.”

“The fact that he’s questioning the war in Ukraine, Big Business, Big Tech… makes him a threat. So, they’re calling him an antisemite and he says, pretty passionately, he has done more for the State of Israel than most of these people sitting in Congress today,” Watters asserted.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“You watched what he said?” Tarlov asked Watters.

“I did,” he responded.

“And you know about the antisemitic tropes that exist about Jewish people?” Tarlov condescendingly asked.

“I think what he was trying to say is…” Watters began before being cut off by an apoplectic Tarlov.

“No!” Tarlov yelled and continued to try and talk over Watters who wasn’t having it.

“That… I’ll tell ya, Jessica. He said viruses affect different people differently. He cited a study and then you basically said he’s anti-study. Okay… I don’t know if the study’s right. No one knows. It’s just a study! You can’t cite a study without everybody going crazy? It’s just a study!” Watters declared.

The segment ended after that with a very, very angry Tarlov looking as though she would rather strangle Watters over his opinion on RFK Jr.

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