Jesse Watters connects the dots between FTX, Dems, and Ukraine — calls for investigation

Fox News host Jesse Watters delves into the murky, potentially corrupt connections between the now-bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange company FTX, which Ukraine heavily invested in, and the entity’s massive donations to Democratic campaigns just before it went belly-up.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

This is bigger than Bernie Madoff, but unlike Bernie Madoff, who was getting rich off a Ponzi scheme, the Democratic Party was getting rich off of FTX,” the host of “Jesse Watters Primetime” pointed out Monday.

“FTX came onto the scene in 2019, and it spent $10 million to put Joe Biden in the White House in 2020. And the guy running FTX, the second-biggest Democrat donor in the midterms after Soros, of course, spent $40 million to get Democrats elected,” he explained.

“Ukraine was an investor in FTX. You may be asking why is a country in the middle of a war investing in crypto? Shouldn’t they be buying weapons, or I mean, if they have to invest in anything, doesn’t crypto sound a little risky for Zelenskyy? You wouldn’t want an investment with a solid rate of return and years of stable growth? No. Zelenskyy thought he’d give it to a guy living in a tax haven fresh out of college with funny hair. Well, when Democrats are sending you billions of dollars of weaponry, the least you could do is reward their favorite megadonor,” Watters snarked.

He then went on to explain how Ukraine’s investment in FTX was funneled to the Democratic Party in what some might say looks suspiciously like a form of money laundering.

“And what did FTX do with the money Ukraine invested? Well, they plowed it right back into the Democratic Party. Democrats send money to Ukraine, Ukraine sends money to FTX, and FTX sends money to the Democrats’ campaigns,” Watters contended.

Fox Business host Charles Payne also wants answers on the implosion of FTX that ostensibly destroyed lives and is beginning to make Enron look like child’s play.

“It’s much bigger than Enron,” Payne told Watters. “It’s probably going to end up being at least 200% bigger than Enron. Again, the numbers keep piling up. The carnage keeps piling up. And we are talking about individuals, you know, I mean, so many people have gotten crushed in this. Their life savings. Young people. Folks who believed in crypto, wanted to buy a little bit, thought they could hold it at this exchange.”

“A lot of questions have to be asked about the celebrity endorsers but more importantly, the professionals,” he charged. “There are a lot of professionals on Wall Street who got behind this company and the red flags were everywhere. You know, you go back – I’ve seen tweets from over a year ago where people were saying the math does not add up.”

(Video Credit: Fox News)

Payne also wants to know about the money that flowed to Democrats from FTX.

“Again, the donations to the political party, to the Democrats, you know, the association with Ukraine, what the heck is going on there? This thing stinks so bad and you just want to throw flow, throw up,” Payne asserted.

Social media erupted with calls for an investigation over the FTX donations:

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