Jill Biden’s latest blunder ‘straight out of a VEEP episode’

The White House has done much to downplay Hunter Biden’s substance abuse problems but didn’t get much help from whichever staffer was tasked with scouting a recent speech by First Lady Jill Biden.

The presidential son’s drug use has been a source of great embarrassment for the first family and while he’s cleaned up his act, the younger Biden’s taste for the crack rock continues to make headlines.

Mrs. Biden served up another reminder when she traveled out west to deliver a speech to deliver remarks on the importance of educator wellness at a Salt Lake City-area high school.

Unfortunately for the White House, the choice of Hunter High School and the placement of a banner hanging over her head became the source of much attention and mirth on social media.

“Jill Biden trying to distract from her comments about Hunter’s drug abuse, and ending up under a giant banner reading ‘Hunter High,’ is straight out of a VEEP episode,” one X user wrote, referring to the HBO political comedy series.

“You can’t make this stuff up,” ep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) wrote. “Jill Biden speaking at a school named ‘Hunter High.’ Appropriately named!”

More reactions to the the first lady’s being totally “on-brand” at Hunter High.

Mrs. Biden hasn’t been deluged with such ridicule since she invited a racist dance company to the White House to perform a bizarre rendition of “The Nutcracker” that was also savaged on social media.

Chris Donaldson


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