Johnson mulls inviting Bibi Netanyahu to address the House after Schumer’s snub

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is intensifying his very personal feud with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The top congressional Democrat, who last week ignited a firestorm when he called for new elections in Israel, reportedly refused to allow the Israeli leader an opportunity to address his caucus during a Wednesday lunch.

According to Punchbowl News, the New York City leftist denied Netanyahu’s request to speak with Senate Dems via a video call. The Jewish democracy’s elected leader had addressed Republicans during their lunch but as is always the case with Schumer, it came down to partisan politics.

The Senate leader reportedly said “these conversations shouldn’t happen in a partisan manner,” and told reporters, “When you make the issue partisan, you hurt the cause of Israel.”

The news was confirmed by Axios which cited two anonymous sources who confirmed “that Schumer rejected Netanyahu’s request to address Democrats via video,” a silly snub that shows when it comes to the Democrats, it’s not only AOC and her “Squad” who have the temperament of petulant.

To say that the Democrats have a strained relationship with Netanyahu would be a colossal understatement as anger among the pro-Hamas base and progressive members of Congress regularly boils over as a ceasefire in Gaza remains elusive with the rift between them and President Joe Biden so serious now that it could threaten his reelection hopes.

The prospect of losing total political control isn’t sitting well with Schumer who in an unprecedented speech from the Senate floor, demanded regime change in Tel Aviv, showing that when it comes to all of their pontificating about foreign election meddling is just more of the same hypocritical hogwash from Democrats.

Schumer’s interference in Israel’s domestic politics drew a strong rebuke from Republicans with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell calling his remarks “grotesque” and House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) denounced as “highly inappropriate” and “wrong” in their reactions to his anti-Netanyahu diatribe.

Johnson and his fellow Republicans are far more respectful to the leader of America’s vital Middle East ally and are considering inviting Netanyahu to speak to Congress to make his case for support of the Jewish nation.

“It’s one of the things that we have in mind, and we may try to arrange for that,” the Speaker told reporters when he was asked about the possibility of inviting the Israeli leader to give an address to Congress. “I think it’s very important for us to show solidarity and support for Israel right now in their time of great struggle, and we certainly stand for that position, and we’ll try to advance that in every way that we can.”

“I had a lengthy conversation this morning with Prime Minister Netanyahu and reiterated to him the House Republicans’ strong support for Israel,” Johnson said, according to CNN.

If Netanyahu does speak, it’s almost certain that the “Hamas Caucus” will make a big show of boycotting, more of their performative antics like the juvenile Jew-hating that they engaged in last summer when Israel’s President Isaac Herzog addressed Congress last summer.

“I think what he said is totally inappropriate,” Netanyahu said of Schumer during a weekend CNN appearance. “It’s inappropriate…to go to a sister democracy and try to replace the elected leadership there. That’s something that Israel, the Israeli public does on its own and we’re not a banana republic.”

“And as far as what Senator Schumer said, the majority of Israelis support our governments,” Bibi told Dana Bash, adding.  “This is a wake-up call to Senator Schumer, the majority of Israelis support the policies of my government. It’s not a fringe government, it represents the policies supported by the majority of the people.”

“If Senator Schumer opposes these policies, he’s not opposing me, he’s opposing the people of Israel,” Netanyahu said.

Chris Donaldson


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