Jordan Peterson doubles down, says Elliot Page ‘parading’ abs in magazine sparked his criticism

World-renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson doubled down on his criticism of transgender actor Elliot Page by saying that he wouldn’t have criticized Page in the first place had Page not been out and about promoting the transgender lifestyle.

“See, I would’ve left Ellen Page alone if she hadn’t been parading her new abs in a fashion magazine. How many kids do you think she convinced to convert? One? A thousand?” he said.

It’s not clear which magazine Peterson referenced. What’s known is that Page has been posting shirtless photos like the one below to Instagram since at least late last year:


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Peterson issued the latest round of criticism at Page during an appearance Friday on left-wing podcaster Kyle Kulinski’s show.

Kulinski responded to Peterson’s criticism of Page by arguing that magazine stories “or whatever” about transgender people isn’t equivalent to the transgender lifestyle being promoted.

“I think that with the trans community, it’s very similar to the gay community, where back when that first became a big issue, people thought, ‘oh, if we talk about it, if it’s in magazines or whatever, we’re promoting kids to go down that path,'” he said.

“But really what happened is people are who they are, and if they’re gay, they just decided to be like, ‘yeah, I’m gay,’ and they were just more open and honest with themselves. So I don’t think you’re promoting people to do that.”

Peterson vociferously disagreed.

Watch the full discussion below:

“No, that’s not what happened. You’re completely wrong,” Peterson said, his voice growing louder.

“Look, one of the reasons that I opposed bill C-16 in Canada to begin with — this pronoun-compelled speech bill — was because I knew perfectly well what was going to happen when we introduced confusion about gender identity into the public sphere. Now the argument was that if we left people with gender dysphoria alone to make their own way and stop torturing them, that we would decrease the mental health load on those individuals,” he continued.

“And my analysis as a clinician was that for every one person of that sort that we hypothetically saved, we created a thousand more as a consequence of confusion and social contagion. I knew the literature on psychogenic epidemics. They used to call that mass hysteria, and it’s a literature that goes back about 300 years. And often when you introduce social confusion, you can produce a psychogenetic epidemic. Generally, it’s adolescent females who are most susceptible to it.”

This does appear to be the case. Just this week an anonymous parent wrote a viral Substack post about how “a quarter of the girls in my daughter’s class identify as transgender”:

“So I thought, oh well, what’s going to happen is we’ll produce a psychogenic epidemic of gender dysphoria among adolescent females, and that is exactly what’s happened. And it isn’t the fact that we’ve freed up people who are in doubt about their identity to be who they are,” Peterson continued.

“That may have happened in a tiny minority of cases. It’s absolutely and definitely the case that we’ve doomed thousands of kids to brutal, mutilating surgery and premature sterility, and we’ve done that on the altar of our hypothetical moral virtue and compassion.”

The remarks came days after Peterson was suspended from Twitter for posting a tweet critical of Page.

“Remember when pride was a sin? And Ellen Page just had her breasts removed by a criminal physician,” the tweet read.

It linked to a recently published New York Post story about how Page was “proud” of having introduced transgenderism into the Netflix show “Umbrella Academy.”

Twitter suspended the tweet on the grounds that it violated its policy on hate.

Though reportedly not a conservative himself, Peterson aligns with the right on the transgender issue because, as he explained Friday, he believes that the blatant promotion of transgenderism is creating more transgenderism where it otherwise didn’t previously exist.


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