Journalist says he recognized campus lunatics as same violent BLM folks from 4 yrs ago: ‘It’s been infiltrated’

A journalist who was attacked by Antifa thugs while at the University of Washington this Tuesday is now speaking out about his ordeal.

Journalist Jonathan Choe of Turning Point USA Frontlines was filming an anti-Israel encampment at the school ahead of a Turning Point event when Antifa thugs dressed in black started messing with him, according to Fox News.

“I pretty much was in the quad yesterday … and I happened to stumble across one of the tents that said ‘death to fascists,” Choe said Wednesday on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime.”

“I started recording, and then I started to see one, five, ten, 15, 20 guys all blacked up, wearing black armor. They started following me. We started recording. We were trying to leave. That’s when the melee broke loose,” he added.


The melee pitted the Antifa thugs against Choe and his team.

Choe was caught off guard.

“The situation is untenable and out of control, and the Antifa, the far left activists, the professional agitators, have infiltrated a U.S. campus,” he said Wednesday. “In this case, the University of Washington in Seattle.”

Below is some video footage of the melee:

According to Choe, this was one of a SERIES of battles that erupted between anti-Israel zealots and Turning Point members. Keep in mind that in most cases, Antifa started the fight.

Despite being attacked, Choe remained on site and continued reporting, tweeting at one point that “students leaving the Charlie Kirk event in Seattle were greeted by a mob of Antifa lunatics who flooded the Quad.”

“They carried weapons and started numerous fights,” he added.


Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk also took note.

“After a successful evening event and day of tabling, ANTIFA is attempting to intimidate our attendees as the event ends,” he tweeted. “They are mostly non-students the university should immediately deal with but for some reason allow to roam free and bully the student body.”

At one point, Choe captured footage of Turning Point members challenging the Antifa thugs to a push-up contest.


Speaking on Fox News this Wednesday, Choe revealed that the Antifa thugs carried umbrellas and weapons, including “bear mace.”

“I have no doubt they have knives,” he said. “Thank God we did not see anything like that being pulled out, but again, this is how they play. All as a mob. They don’t go one on one. They sent 10, 20 guys on us at once, and we are totally outnumbered 3-1.”

“It’s my two security guards. I’m on my own. I was not instigating at all. I was simply defending myself and had to take off, as usual,” he added.

But even more importantly, Choe noticed that most of the Antifa thugs appeared to be in their “mid-forties,” meaning they likely weren’t students.

“These are not students,” he said. “The vast majority of the folks now in the quad at the University of Washington campus are older folks. These are professionals. They don’t want to show their faces. They probably have jobs at the local grocery store, gas station, or even Starbucks, I have no idea.”

But there’s more. He also said that, among some of the unmasked Antifa thugs, he spotted some of the same people he’d seen years ago during the violent Black Lives Matter riots of 2020.

“These are also some of the folks that I did recognize who did not have masks on, these are the folks I saw four years ago during the height of the BLM riots in 2020, the same agitators are now here on the quad,” he said.

Concluding his remarks, he said he never expected to witness such madness when he got into journalism.

“This is absolutely scary stuff,” he said. “I did not realize that after 20 years in American journalism, that I would be doing hand-to-hand combat with these idiots in black bloc.”

“This is getting worse, and at the end of the day … if they are afraid to take action, then the governor needs to come out here, call in the National Guard and clear this place out. It is a woke cesspool now infected with Antifa scum,”  he added.

Vivek Saxena


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