Judge Jeanine says ‘authoritarian leftists’ at MSNBC should openly admit they oppose ANY differing ideology

Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro slammed MSNBC’s partisan hosts for trying to shove “one ideology” down their viewers’ throats.

Speaking on Fox News’ “The Five” this Wednesday, she responded specifically to all the cries and protestations that emerged from MSNBC after parent company NBC News hired former Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel.

Thanks to the complaints, McDaniel was fired from NBC News only days after being hired.

Listen to Pirro’s take below:

“You know, people want to hear divergent points of view, and that’s why they tune into this show,” she began. “And the sad part about it is that MSNBC has an opportunity to bridge the divide, to try to bring the country closer, to use the long-tested way of testing for the truth, and that is cross-examination. That’s how this country is determined what the truth is in jury trials for centuries.”

“But they’re not interested in that. They are literally authoritarian leftists. If you don’t believe in their ideology, and if you dare to veer from that conga line, then you are not allowed. And there is no personal freedom. There is none of that. It’s strict adherence to an ideology or you’re out,” she added.

“And I think the sad part about it is you’ve got reporters who are out there trying to get information from Republicans who have a lot of contacts, who’ve worked for years and want to be credible by getting stories that are objective and get to the truth. MSNBC and NBC is like, ‘No, you talk to Republicans? No, we’re not interested.’ Honestly, what I think is those hosts should apologize to their viewers and say, we’re sorry, that we want to impose one ideology on all of you and anyone who differs from us is a liar,” she continued.

She’s not the only one who believes MSNBC and NBC News have in effect become an ideological echo chamber for leftists:

Leftists like to accuse conservatives of maintaining an echo chamber, yet as noted by the critics above, right-wing outlets like Fox News feature an abundance of liberal voices. The same can’t be said of the reverse.

MSNBC in particular is a 24/7 bastion for endless leftist thought, with virtually zero genuine conservatives ever appearing on the network.

There’s a reason why 95 percent of MSNBC’s viewers identify as Democrats, according to a 2020 Pew Research Center poll.

The network’s partisanship is so gross that even former Fox News host Geraldo Rivera, a raging liberal, slammed its hosts’ behavior after the McDaniel saga.

“Screw them!” Rivera exclaimed on NewsNation’s “Cuomo” this past Monday, referring to the complaining MSNBC hosts. “I mean, the whole idea is that they were hiring [McDaniel] to be the ultimate insider, and here she gets washed away, she gets drowned by this tsunami of pretentious bullsh-t!”

“Really, all of these people that have a stick up their behinds, how dare they! And for Mika to say NBC shouldn’t hire them, when did she become management? When did she become the, you know, the arbiter of who got hired and who doesn’t get hired?” he added.

Rivera also addressed the claim that McDaniel is an election denier.

“You know, she is the ultimate insider, and to say that they don’t want to hire her now because of election denialism, well then you don’t want half the country to watch your network because half the country is Republican, more or less, and they believe – a lot of them – or at least they’ve convinced themselves, about the election being, you know, fraudulent or whatever it is,” he said.

Vivek Saxena


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