Judge reviewing transgender Nashville shooter’s unredacted manifesto; public hearing looms

The transgender Nashville mass shooter’s manifesto is now one step closer to finally being released to the public.

“[A]ttorneys representing the city of Nashville have submitted writings belonging to the Covenant School gunman for a judge to review,” local station WZTV reported Friday.

A hearing is scheduled for June 8th during which both people who support its release and oppose its release will be allowed to voice their concerns.

The decision to submit the manifesto to a judge was reportedly prompted by “several lawsuits,” though WZTV abstained from specifically pinpointing them.

What’s known, however, is that at least two suits have been filed — one by the National Association of Police:

The other suit has been filed by former Trump administration official Stephen Miller’s law firm, America First Legal.

“Today, America First Legal (AFL) filed an urgent lawsuit against the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County for violating the Public Records Act and concealing Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale’s ‘manifesto,'” the firm reported last Thursday.

In a statement, America First Legal vice president and general counsel Gene Hamilton stressed that the public has a right to read the manifesto.

“A deranged transgender psychopath took six innocent lives and struck at the heart of a tight-knit community. While we grieve for the families and pray for God’s peace, righteousness, and perfect justice to prevail upon all affected by this horrible situation, the fact remains that the public has a right to see these documents,” he said.

“This is not the time for gamesmanship for ideological reasons—and we will fight to help our client obtain the documents he requested and is entitled to under the law,” he added.

As previously reported, the Nashville shooter, Audrey Hale, is a “transgender male” who opened fire at The Covenant School on March 27th, killing six people before being killed herself by the police.

According to reports, Hale left a manifesto at her home, and it’s strongly suspected that the manifesto may contain the motive for her heinous actions. Yet activists on the left have been begging the authorities to not release the manifesto, as it could cause so-called “harm.”

Critics believe the concern is that Hale may have been motivated by LGBT politics. Those who support so-called “transgender rights” (like the “right” for male athletes to compete against female athletes) have long falsely argued that they’re being marginalized and “erased” by society. Critics say that this false belief may have very spurred Hale into losing her mind and going on a killing spree.

According to WZTV, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department initially said they were reviewing the manifesto for public release but then later delayed the release of the manifesto because of all the lawsuits being filed. Critics say their excuse makes no sense.

“You don’t file a public records lawsuit to delay the release of records,” critic Deborah Fisher, a Tennessee public records expert, told the station.

Another excuse the MNPD has given is that they have an open case on Hale. But Hale is dead.

“The Police Department’s citing of an ongoing criminal investigation is invalid as there is no ongoing criminal investigation of the deceased Audrey Hale,” America First Legal notes.

“America First Legal demands the Police Department release the requested records immediately as required under the law. The American people deserve transparency regarding this planned attack on innocent teachers and students by Audrey Hale.”

Conservatives in particular are highly annoyed by how quickly the recent Allen, Texas mass shooter’s motives were determined by both the authorities and the media —  and yet months later, the Nashville’s shooters motive remains a mystery.

Conservatives believe it’s all political, in that the Allen shooter allegedly makes the right look bad, whereas the Nashville shooter’s manifesto may very well make the left look bad.

Vivek Saxena


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