Judge tosses confession of Ohio man accused of killing his 3 young sons

The confession statement made by an Ohio father accused of killing his three young sons and wounding their mother has been tossed from the court.

In his ruling, Clermont County Common Pleas Judge Richard Ferenc claimed that police violated Chad Doerman’s rights when they failed to properly Mirandize him, Fox News Digital reports. Authorities didn’t adequately inform Doerman of his right against self-incrimination and his right to an attorney before he was interrogated by investigators, the judge found.

BizPac Review reported on Doerman’s chilling arrest, caught on police bodycam footage, in June of 2023.

Police responded to a report of a shooting on Laurel Lindale Road in Clermont County, Ohio. Upon arrival, deputies discovered three boys, ages 7, 4, and 3, outside the home, each with fatal gunshot wounds.

The boys’ remaining older sibling, Alexis, escaped the slaughter and was seen by a passerby who saw the young girl running down the street claiming that “her father was killing everyone.” The witness dialed 911, as did the mother, who screamed that “her babies had been shot.”

When deputies arrived on the scene, Doerman was sitting calmly on his porch, his rifle resting beside him.

The father did not resist arrest. The bodycam footage shows that, as a woman could be heard shouting, “They’re dead, aren’t they?”, Doerman was politely telling the arresting officer, “I ain’t going to hurt you. I ain’t going to hurt nobody.”

“I ain’t mad,” he said. “I ain’t nothing.”

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Shortly after his arrest, court documents revealed that Doerman had “confessed to planning and carrying out the deaths of victims involved for several months.”

During a June hearing, Clermont County’s chief prosecutor, David Gast, called the monstrous act “unspeakable.”

“The trauma that this man has inflicted on his family, community, law enforcement, first responders, and all the rest of us is unspeakable,” he said. “There has been a full admission in this case, the case is still new we’re still discovering facts. But the evil horror of what we know is impossible to process.”

“In an act of incomprehensible cruelty the father that stands before you lined up his three young boys and executed them in his own home with a rifle,” Gast stated. “In an act of desperation the mother at some point grabbed the gun the father was wielding to attempt to protect them.”

“I’ve been a lawyer 35 years, this is by far the most sickening horrifying crime I have seen. I can only imagine the terror these little boys felt and experienced,” Clermont County Prosecutor Mark Tekulve said at the time. “The mother saw this, you can imagine the immense trauma and terror she experienced and we will do the utmost that this defendant never sees the light of day again.”

Doerman’s rights “were violated,” Judge Ferenc ruled, because detectives “failed to properly and fully advise Doerman of them prior to initiating the Custodial Interrogation.”

“All statements obtained from Doerman during the Custodial Interrogation,” Ferenc continued, “shall be suppressed and the State shall not adduce any of these statements in their case-in-chief.”

“The Defendant’s Miranda rights were violated when the Custodial Interrogation continued after the Defendant had unequivocally and unambiguously invoked his right to counsel,” the judge wrote.

Despite confessing to the heinous act, Doerman “later pleaded not guilty to the murders on June 23 and the judge ordered he be held in the Clermont County jail on a $20 million cash bond,” Fox News Digital reports. “His trial is expected to begin in July.”

Melissa Fine


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