Sheila Jackson Lee’s ODD explanation of sun and moon, struggling with eclipse glasses sends heads to desks

The great eclipse of 2024 was ushered into America with much media fanfare, conspiracy, excitement, and even trepidation.

Many politicians, news anchors and celebrities commented on the significance of the rare celestial event, but it was Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee’s hot take that had folks scratching their heads.

While reportedly visiting Booker T Washington High School for the event the Texas Congresswoman explained to the audience a little bit about the sun and the moon. After all, students were gathered to witness a rare alignment between the two.

“Sometimes you need to take the opportunity to come out and see a full moon, is that complete rounded circle. Which is made up mostly of gases,” Lee explained. “And that’s why the question is why, that how could we as humans live on the moon? Are the gasses such that we could do that?”

And then it was time for a short lesson on the sun.

“The sun is a mighty powerful heat, that it’s almost impossible to go near the sun.”

“Almost”, you say?

Thankfully, the moon is more “manageable” according to Lee as she claimed that NASA will be going back to the moon “in a couple of years.”

Lee’s simplistic, and very odd (see: wrong), explanation garnered some snarky reactions on X, but the donning of her special eclipse glasses also got folks roaring.

In the following video, Lee is seen struggling, and struggling, and struggling with the glasses meant to protect eyes from the sun’s powerful heat.

She fought with the glasses until she appeared to give up and turned away from the cameras. To add insult to injury, someone can be heard yelling at her, “Just act like you can see!”

The clips provided plenty of fodder for critics of Lee as well as for critics of inept government officials in general:

Many folks questioned if the clip was even real, and in the new works of AI it’s reasonable to ask. But, as far as we can tell, it appears to be true.




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