Kim Kardashian booed unmercifully at Tom Brady roast – and that’s not the worst of it

Seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady, widely seen as the greatest quarterback in NFL history, was honored in a Netflix live event Sunday evening that was marked by poor taste as much as it was good natured ribbing.

Billed as “The Greatest Roast of All-Time: Tom Brady,” the event featured a bloody O.J. Simpson jersey and an uncomfortable moment involving Kim Kardashian, who was met with “an onslaught of audible boos,” as described by Variety, when she took the stage to perform a toast to Brady.

According to Variety, the moment was so bad that host Keven Hart had to come to Kardashian’s rescue.

Once the crowd settled down, Kardashian poked fun at Brady while addressing rumors about the two of them dating.

“I do know it would’ve never worked out, an ex-athlete, high cheekbones, silky hair… You remind me too much of my stepdad now,” she said in a reference to Bruce Jenner, who now fancies himself as Caitlyn Jenner.

Speaking of bad taste, at one point the 43-year-old reality TV star referenced her famous father, Robert Kardashian, who was one of O.J. Simpson’s defense lawyers.

“Honestly, it’s hard for me to watch other people roast you, but I think enough of my family members have helped defend former football players,” she said to Brady.

As for the aforementioned bloody O.J. jersey…

Brady seemed to set the stage when he introduced Kardashian, taking a shot at her broken marriage with Kanye West — the GOAT ribbed her for being “terrified” to leave her children alone with their father while she attended the roast.

“I know Kim was terrified to be here tonight. Not because of this, but because her kids are at home with their dad,” Brady jabbed.

But that was tame compared to comedian Tony Hinchcliffe, who didn’t just step over the line while taking a shot at Kim K. but obliterated it.

The comedian called attention to Will Ferrell’s cameo appearance in character as his Anchorman persona Ron Burgundy — in the 2004 hit film, Burgundy said San Diego means “a whales vagina” in German.

“A whale’s vagina, which reminds me, Kim Kardashian’s here,” Hinchcliffe said. “She’s had a lot of black men celebrate in her end zone. Kim, word of advice, close your legs, you have more public beef than Kendrick and Drake.”

Tom Tillison


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