ABC News president OUT in another blow to DEI

A cog in corporate media’s DEI machine saw herself out at ABC News amid an ongoing review that found Disney trapped by “the soft bigotry of low expectations.”

Considering sayings like “go woke, go broke,” it remained self-explanatory why the acronym for diversity, equity and inclusion was readily rearranged to spell out DIE. Such was the case with ABC News president Kim Godwin’s tenure Sunday as, with reports of frustrated staffers circulating, she announced her retirement prompting even former President Donald Trump to state “GOOD RIDDANCE!”

In an email shared by HuffPost’s Yashar Ali, Godwin wrote in part, “I have decided to retire from broadcast journalism.”

“Anyone who’s passionate about what we do knows there’s no other business like it, so this was not an easy or quick decision. But after considerable reflection, I’m certain it’s the right one for me as I look to the future and prioritize what’s most important for me and my family,” she indicated.

Highlighting her race, the outgoing president of roughly three years had also stated, “I understood and appreciated the profound significance of being the first Black woman to lead a national broadcast news network when I accepted the role as president of ABC News a little over three years ago. It’s both a privilege and a debt to those who chipped away at the ceiling before me to lead a team whose brand is synonymous with trust, integrity and a dogged determination to be the best in the business.”

With the announcement from Godwin, Disney Networks president Debra OConnell, with mention of Disney entertainment co-chair Dana Walden, released her own statement that read, “Dana and I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to Kim for her service as president of ABC News. Kim has navigated this team through consequential times in our world, and she did so with respect for the brand and profession — and for that and more, we thank her.”

Of course, the genial sendoff belied reported attitudes at ABC News as OConnell had been appointed to her current and newly created role in February in what many saw as a means to demote Godwin. CNN reported Friday on the review underway in recent months and described the opinions of OConnell as being “viewed as a problem solver willing to personally get in the trenches and directly address issues, while Godwin is widely viewed as an absentee boss focused primarily on her self-image.”

The outlet also indicated that sources said the now-outgoing president, “has made several profound errors, including her hands-off approach to governing, lack of strategic vision for the newsroom, the elimination of talent-relations leadership, the appointment of an inner-circle that has alienated staffers, among a stream of other complaints.”

One black ABC News employee had told Puck News, “Disney fell into the trap of the soft bigotry of low expectations and appointed someone everyone knows is unqualified to do the job…Now [they] are worried that firing the first Black woman would be an act of racism, when she is simply bad at her job.”

Trump had previously been heavily criticized by Godwin who characterized statements he had made as “as racist as they come,” prompting an ABC spokesperson to hedge that her remarks were “private comments” that were “part of a larger editorial conversation,” and not the opinion of the network.

The president was among those reacting to her retirement with his own statement on Truth Social that added in a shot at George Stephanopoulos and read, “Happy to report that Kim Godwin, Head of ABC, has resigned. Could it be unfair reporting on EVERYTHING TRUMP? In any event, GOOD RIDDANCE! Hopefully somebody else will be able to control George Slopadopolous and the rest of the Fake News Thugs over at ABC? Best wishes Kim!”

Kevin Haggerty


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